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Anne RoseltAnne Roselt, Plascon Colour Manager

When you hear statistics that there are over 50 million children in Africa that are parent-less and that 3.5 million children in South Africa are orphaned, the problem seems so overwhelming that you may feel there is little you can do to help the situation (speaking for myself) and that there is little hope

Well, those feelings changed when I was invited to visit LIV village just outside Durban this past weekend. Expecting to visit an orphanage I never expected to find a loving village atmosphere, the most amazing happy children, trendy houses complete with solar energy and water recycling, a new school and a working farm all on acres of land with beautiful views. It was an amazing learning experience and I came away from that visit with so much inspiration and hope, which I just had to share. If this trend comes off we will live in a much better world!

Lungisisa Indlela Village (LIV) provides holistic residential care for orphans and vulnerable children. LIV places parent-less children into a nurturing family environment where they receive unconditional love, care, and spiritual discipleship.

These are some of the things I loved about LIV Village:

1. LIV’s vision and mission
rescue a child, restore a life, raise a leader, and release a star

We want these children to grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa, our continent and indeed the world. If these children are equipped with the essential moral values and life skills, they truly can live lives that will influence and inspire significance and have a lasting impact.

Girls from LIV village, Image Source

2. The wonderful children

Children from LIV village, Image Source

3. The homes

Each home is run by a mom who looks after up to 8 children, which she loves as her own. LIV believes that if you are going to place a roof over a vulnerable child’s head, they need a mother who loves them, feeds them and educates them.

I loved that each house has different bright coloured doors and window frames – the children love saying – I live in the blue house or the green house.

Dude and his mother, Image Source

LIV Village, Image by Anne Roselt.

4. Water recycling and solar energy

There are also recycling bins outside the homes so the children learn from an early age about recycling. This village is more environmentally friendly than my village.

LIV village, Image by Anne Roselt.

5. The working farm

LIV is a sustainable working farm. They grow fruit and vegetables as well as flowers which are sold and the funds reinvested in the village.

LIV Flowers is one of the largest cut flower producers in South Africa, and specialises in producing hydroponically grown Anthurium, Gerbera, and Ruscus under greenhouses for the local market (mainly Gauteng).

Flower Staff at work from LIV village, Image Source

6. Started by the vision of one person

LIV village was founded by Tich Smith a former Natal and South African cricketer who had a vision to build a village for widows and orphans in South Africa. LIVs future plan is to see many more villages across our land, raising future leaders, ‘turning scars into stars’ by providing a fresh start in a supportive community.

Imagine 10 000 villages, each raising and impacting 500 orphans, ‘the right way’. 5 million children rescued, raised and rebuilt to become future leaders impacting the continent of Africa, reaching out to other orphans. 5 million each touching 10 orphans. Imagine…

The first LIV Village is situated on 31 hectares / 83 acres at Cottonlands, Verulam in KwaZulu-Natal visit their website to learn more.

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  1. What a fantastic concept! Truly inspirational to see the selfless love and dedication poured into these little children’s future. Anne, thanks for sharing this little gem with us.

  2. Plascon says:

    Thanks so much Tash, it really is a brilliant concept and lets hope it catches on and we see many more x

  3. Andi van Zyl says:

    Lovely article mom! Such a special day

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