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Pretty in Pink

Kerstin Eser, Plascon Trends Contributor Our Global Colour Manager, Anne Roselt, chose Black Bean (EC71) as the Colour of the Month for June, and what better colour to complement this than pink. Besides being...

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Deep Blues and Rich Greens

Kerstin Eser, Plascon Trends Contributor I recently came across this striking image (below) by artist/photographer Krisjan Rossouw and decided I had to dig a little ‘deeper’. Besides the fact that the styling and photography...

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Colour Inspiration – Rose Shadow

Catherine Bowen, Plascon Trends Editor I’m bringing you more colour inspiration with one of Plascon’s most whimsical shades of pink – Rose Shadow (R3-C2-3). “What’s in a name,” argued Shakespeare’s Juliet… “That which we...