Chris Campbell Memorial Field Clubhouse Makeover

Christopher Campbell Memorial Field Clubhouse Front

Plascon paints positive change with the makeover of the Chris Campbell Memorial Field Clubhouse

In collaboration with /A WORD OF ART, the CTC Ten Foundation (CTC10) and AMANDLA EduFootball, Plascon supported the makeover of the Chris Campbell Memorial Field (CCMF) clubhouse in Khayelitsha by donating 45 litres of paint for a mural covering the outside of the entire building painted by local artist and art activist Ricky-Lee Gordon (aka Freddy Sam).

“The aim of the initiative has been to improve the aesthetics at the CCMF and, more importantly, to engage the community in the process in order to give them ownership over the final product.” explains Eric Elicker of CTC10 and AMANDLA EduFootball. “Gordon’s mission of using art as a way to inspire positive change in communities demonstrated we shared a similar vision and this brought about the decision to bring color and positive energy to the space by painting a large scale mural on the clubhouse.”

The project began with Gordon leading an art workshop on Saturday 10 November 2012 entitled What do you want to see? with the boys and girls from the local community to better understand what the community wanted to see on the wall. Gordon printed out images of the clubhouse encouraging the kids to illustrate with watercolor paints, pens, kokis and crayons how they wanted the clubhouse to look. He used the feedback as inspiration to create the theme and design for the mural and then gave the kids the opportunity to own the space by getting them to paint the mural alongside him with paint donated by Plascon.

chris campbell memorial field

Says Lauren Shantall, Plascon’s PR and social media manager: “This project showcases Gordon’s commitment in using mural art as a means to beautify and create change in disadvantaged communities. This aligns with Plascon’s belief that colour and art has the potential to not only engage with the community and facilitate community upliftment, but also to give back to the community, particularly something everyone can be proud of.”

Gordon, with four assistants Juma Mkwela, Willard Kembva (Khayalitsha based art facilitators), Christiaan Chonradie (Cape Town artist) and Hannah Parr (/A WORD OF ART artist in residence from Berlin) along with members of the community and AMADLA program participants painted the mural from Tuesday 13 November to Tuesday 20 November with a video crew documenting the entire project to produce a short documentary. The mural features explosion of colour, messages of hope and children playing together in safe environment creating a vibrancy effecting the surrounding space.

“I have seen how color creates energy, energy creates inspiration and inspiration creates change,” Gordon says. “The purpose of this initiative is to give kids ownership and show them how creativity is within all of us and how creativity can be a gift to the rest of the community.”

chris campbell memorial field

The CCFM was opened in January 2009 by the CTC10 – an organisation to honor the memory of Christopher T. Campbell. CTC10’s promotes the education and development of disadvantaged youth through sport in Khayelitsha.

The CCFM is the first community turf field in Khayelitsha with an adjoining clubhouse with classroom facilities used for the educational activities that support the sports program run at the field. Each month more than 2 000 local children participate in programs at the field ranging from a young adult crime prevention league to girls’ empowerment teams.

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