Colour of the Month February 2017 – Lobster Red

Ashraf Booley
Ashraf Booley
, SPACES Content Manager

Turn up the drama with Plascon’s Lobster Red

Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks American Heart Month, which is why we’re going decidedly red this month with a bold and sexy Plascon hue you’ll love.

Red Hot

If you’re the type who wears their heart on their sleeve, chances are you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the colour red this month. After all, the colour red is known to generate feelings of intimacy and passion…

Others might raise the red flag for heart health in the month of February. Whatever your reason for going red, this vibrant hue is sure to make a bold statement.


Red Rocks

Plascon’s global colour manager, Anne Roselt, chose Plascon’s Lobster Red (R5-B1-1) as February’s colour of the month. Starring in the bright and fun palette from the 2017 Colour Forecast, prism, Lobster Red offers visual appeal that can’t be ignored.



Whether worn or added to your home, red makes a dramatic statement that is a feast for the eyes. In décor, the general rule is to use red where activity takes place, since the colour is physically stimulating and promotes movement and action.

Out now: The Spring Issue of SPACES

Lobster Red was used on a feature wall on the spring 2016 cover of Plascon SPACES magazine to give it a dramatic lift. The hue was added to this punchy bright geometric focal wall for a vibrant pop of colour.

DIY project: adorn your walls in punchy bright geometrics

Accessories and Furniture

If you’re not ready to adorn your walls in red, a few accessories or furniture in red is your answer.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Bright red stairs lead up to the Nauset Lighthouse in Massachusetts, United States. Image Source: Pinterest.

Bright red stairs lead up to the Nauset Lighthouse in Massachusetts, United States. Image Source: Pinterest.




Last year’s fashion trends included oceans of red, from crimson to burgundy.

Watch the video below for more red inspiration.

If you’ve used Lobster Red or another red Plascon hue in your home – we’d love to hear from you! Email images of your red space to and it could appear in the next issue of Spaces magazine.lobsterred000

Disclaimer: Digital colour displays may differ from the actual paint colour. We advise that all paint colours be tested before purchasing large quantities.

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