Colour of the Month March 2017 – Windblown

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

Image Source: Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast

Image: 2017 Plascon Colour Forecast

One of the most popular colours from the 2017 Plascon Colour Forecast, Windblown (B6-B1-2), is the perfect colour for adding some calm and inspiration to our busy lives.

As blue lies between green and purple on the colour wheel, it can lean toward either of the hues. Plascon’s Windblown leans toward purple, making it slightly warmer than ice blues.

Windblown’s ability to soothe, refresh and balance, means that it works well in any room of the house and is also great for work spaces, as can be seen from the inspiration below.

Image source: Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast.

Image: 2017 Plascon Colour Forecast.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Add some punchy brights to liven up the blue and give it a contemporary look. Yellows, oranges and pinks will not only warm but also add balance to the scheme. You can get some wonderful inspiration on Pinterest, for example:

Image Source: (via Pinterst)

Image Source: (via Pinterest)

For more inspiration on Windblown, be sure to check out the Autumn Issue of Spaces magazine which will be on shelf March 13. Here is a sneak peek from the upcoming issue:

Image Source: Plascon Spaces Magazine

Click image to enlarge and zoom (Image: Plascon Spaces Magazine).

Disclaimer: Digital colour displays may differ from the actual paint colour. We advise that all paint colours be tested before purchasing large quantities.

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