Colour of the Month May 2016 – Ravine (EC 62)

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

Plascon Ravine Paint Colour

A versatile neutral: Plascon’s Ravine

It’s all about that base: this month we cast the spotlight on a gorgeous neutral called Ravine (EC 62) from the Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast and featured in the latest issue of Plascon SPACES Magazine. Ravine is the perfect base colour around which to build a look. It is a contemporary neutral in that it is a great blend of beige and grey.

Subtle and soothing neutral shades are ideal for creating a calming effect in your home. Hues like Plascon’s Ravine (EC 62) prove to be quite versatile; they’re popping up everywhere lately, including in décor and fashion.

What’s more, trendy Ravine is a perfect base colour and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon (if not, ever).

If you’re thinking of incorporating this colour into your wardrobe, this beige hue is a perfect match with light-grey tones as seen below.

Plascon Ravine Paint Colour

For more colour inspiration using Plascon’s Ravine (EC 62), get your hands on a copy of the autumn issue of SPACES – on shelf now.

Plascon Paint Colours

Paint your walls in this unique Plascon paint colour and offset with bright whites and accents in blonde wood, as in the bathroom below, to create a tranquil, minimalist retreat.

Plascon Ravine Paint Colour

Image: Plascon SPACES magazine, issue 19. Walls painted in Plascon Waterbased Velvaglo in Ravine (EC 62).

Ravine works well in almost every room of the house, including the living area. While whites are great for a clean, clear and calm space, hues like Ravine can add a warm tone to make your space look less clinical and a little bit more cosy, contemporary and welcoming.

Plascon Ravine Paint Colour Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s a perfect base colour, as in this laid-back, girly pad or even used to revive kitchen tiles.

Find more inspirational ideas using this beautiful neutral in the latest issue of Plascon SPACES. Click here to subscribe to the magazine and stand a chance to win 1 of 2 Obaku watches worth R2,095 each.

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8 Responses

  1. Denver says:

    Good morning, I am trying to select a colour for my living area and bedrooms. I initially thought of the ‘off shore 50’ but realized that my laminate flooring (medium brown) has more of a warm feel to it.

    The furniture is rustic white and cream couches. This Ravine EC 62 looks nice.
    I was also looking for something with an undertone of yellow in it.

    It there anything you can recommend?


    Kind regards

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Denver – thanks for visiting Plascon Trends 🙂

      Your colour question (together with your previous query) has been forwarded to our designated colour experts at the Plascon Spaces Showroom; as soon as I hear back from them, I will post their recommendations/advice.

      Kind regards.

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Denver,

      Soon after receiving and replying to your colour query (above) I received the colour presentation with reference to your earlier enquiry from the weekend. I have posted it to that comment (see here). If you have any follow up questions on the colour presentation, please contact Byron Minnie at

      Kind regards.

  2. Devron says:

    HI there.

    can i use Ravine EC62 for the exterior.

    I’ve got white aluminium windows frames and will also paint the reveals white as well.

    my garage doors are brown for the moment and so is front door.

    will this work?

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Devron – thanks for visiting Plascon Trends 🙂

      Your question was forwarded to our colour consultants at the Plascon Spaces Showroom, and below is their suggestion:

      Good day Devron,

      Thank you for your mail. Ravine EC 62 is on the warm side of the grey palette and it will appear lighter than the sample card.

      I suggest that you purchase 1 litre in Wall & All and paint 2 coats in large sample, viewing it in different light.

      If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us via the details below.

      Kind regards,

      Colour Consultant

  3. Sydney says:

    The floors not the wood floors …. What kind of flooring is it ? It looks like it’s painted . Could you share what the flooring and if it is painted the color ? Also the walls in Ravine EC62 what finish ? Flat,eggshell, or ?
    Thank you,

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Sydney! 🙂

      Just to clarify – when you say “not the wood floors”, is your first question referring to the bathroom floor in the second-last image? If you could let me know, so I can forward your questions to the Plascon Spaces Showroom – many thanks!

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