December Colour of the Month: Gold

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

With the holidays upon us there is no better time than now to add a bit of sparkle into your interiors. Gold is the colour of celebration and excitement, eliciting feelings of hope and abundance and giving any space an air of glamour and opulence.

Gold was a stand-out colour at Decorex International with some of the most beautiful walls and products being featured in gold. For example, this gold leaf and hand painted wall by ABA Interiors was a show stopper:

Photo by Anne Roselt

Photo by Anne Roselt

Add gold into a geometric design to add some glamour to a feature wall:

Image: Anne Roselt taken at Decorex International

Image: Anne Roselt taken at Decorex International

Image source: Anne Roselt. Guilded bathroom by De Gournay

Guilded bathroom by De Gournay, Image: Anne Roselt

Tips and inspiration

Gold can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from feature walls to furniture and accessories:

Image source Plascon Spaces Magazine

Image: Plascon Spaces Magazine

It works best as an accent colour, and can be added to any room for a glimmer of glamour. A touch of gold in the bedroom is said to facilitate a good night’s sleep, while gold décor in an office enhances loyalty and trust.

If you want to use this colour in your space, think about how you can introduce it as an accent to create interest. You can paint an old wooden picture frame, a lamp base or a piece of furniture to give it a trendy new look…

Update furniture with a stripe of gold... Image Courtesy Anne Roselt

Update furniture with a stripe of gold, Image: Anne Roselt

Update furniture with a stripe of gold... Image Courtesy Anne Roselt

Update furniture with a stripe of gold, Image: Anne Roselt

Gold can also create a beautiful stencil over black or white, or painted over any other colour to create interest and glamour to a space:

Image Source

Image Source:

What colours go well with gold?

Gold complements many colours, giving them a boost and creating interest. It adds glamour to black and gives warmth and sparkle to navy blue as well as pastels. Pale gold becomes very trendy and chic when combined with neutrals, while green and gold provides a sense of balance and money.

Be sure to get the new issue of Plascon Spaces in December to see how well burgundy goes with gold.

Do you need a touch of gold?

Gold is emotionally uplifting and can help with depression, mental stress and feelings of fear. It can also encourage forgiveness and the ability to let go of the past. If you’re looking for an overall sense of wellbeing, this is the colour for you.

Plascon’s favourite golds:

  • We love the antique gold of Plascon Paint Effects Gold MET 1
  • Gold DRM 3 is a lovely antique gold from the Plascon Designer range
  • The Plascon Pearl Designer range has a beautiful yellow Gold DRP 2

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