Deep Blues and Rich Greens

Kerstin Eser Kerstin Eser, Plascon Trends Contributor
Deep Blues and Rich GreensI recently came across this striking image (below) by artist/photographer Krisjan Rossouw and decided I had to dig a little ‘deeper’. Besides the fact that the styling and photography are right up my alley, I find the colour palette quite beautiful.

There are so many colours and shades you can draw from the image; I have selected a few Plascon colours (deep blues and rich greens) to get the juices flowing.

Plascon Paint Colours: Deep Blues and Rich Greens

Deep Blues and Rich Greens Artist/photogapher Krisjan Rossouw. Image Source:

Artist/photographer Krisjan Rossouw. Image Source:

I find that this combination works really well together in an interior environment and have discovered several images to illustrate my thought. The palette has a sensual calmness about it, which is both inviting and theatrical.

In almost all of the spaces that I have selected below, each is rich with mood and drama. Most of the rooms are painted in striking deep blues and green colours. Bright colours, rich woods and metallics have been subtly added in the furniture and accessories; these added elements give each space warmth and contrast. Moreover, these other added bright colours, next to the deep blue/green walls, seem to glow against the moody walls and create spaces that are rich and luxurious in appeal.

Let’s have a look at the images selected…

Deep Blues and Rich Greens From top left to right: | | |

Image Source – from top left to right: | | |

Try colours like Pompeii B3-E1-1 and Blue Jet B1-E1-1 for colours similar to the wall colours, cupboard and water as seen in the image.

Add pops of greens like Ageless Lime Y6-B1-1, Flower Stem G4-B1-1 and Barbados Bay G5-B1-1.

Deep Blues and Rich Greens From top left to right: | | |

Image Source – from top left to right: | | |

In these striking, dramatic rooms, note the colours like Night Moss B2-E1-1 (image 3), Black as night B6-E1-1 (image 4), and Sea Quarry G7-D1-1 (images 1 and 2).

Add a splash of copper or rich wood tones to the mix.

Deep Blues and Rich Greens From top left to right: | | |

Image Source – from top left to right: | | |

Create rooms with colours Undersea Blue B2-D1-1 (as seen in images 1 and 3), Deep Abyss B1-D1-1 (image 2) and Cape Cliffe G7-E1-1 (image 4).

Again, add woods and metallic accents to these paint colours and this will add to the richness of the space.

I’d like to end with these inspiring images that I couldn’t resist stitching together and which I feel marry together all the colours mentioned above…

Deep Blues and Rich Greens | |

Image Source: | |

Enjoy and let’s hope this gets you inspired and ready to repaint!

Deep Blues and Rich Greens | |

Image Source: | |

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  1. Liberato says:

    I am looking into changing my bedroom wall colour. I have a dark brown wooden skirting and would like to kindly ask colour for ideas for my wall. The room is spacious. I’m leaning towards pastel greens but open to any recommendations. Many thanks!

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Liberato,

      One of our colour consultants (George) has prepared a colour swatch presentation, which can be viewed here (click to view).

      If you have any follow-up questions, please contact George Luvalo at

      Kind regards.

  2. Liberato says:

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

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