Dip Dye trend

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

Dip Dye Fashion Trend

Image Source: thesaphireeventgroup.com

Gwen Steffani dip dye wedding dress

Image Source: hello-minimax.com

It’s been 10 years since Gwen Steffani got married in this beautiful dip-dyed wedding dress. I’m not sure if this was the spark for this trend, but it’s been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Dip dye lends itself perfectly to spring and summer. It’s a fun way to introduce a bit of colour in your life – from a small kitchen accessory to fabrics, clothing and even your hair. Here are some of my favourite dip dye images…

Dip dye duvet covers, pillows and cushions

Image Source: mochatini.org

Duvet covers, pillows and cushions are one way to introduce this trend into your space.

dip dye effect on wall

Image Source: easyliving.co.uk

The colourful dip dye effect on the wall, enhances the natural beauty of this leather chair.

Image Source: brightbazaar.com

This trend really lends itself to beautiful pastel colours, as demonstrated by stylist Charlotte Love… What a wonderful, easy and inexpensive way to give an old stool, bench or chair a completely fresh look.

Image Source: brightbazaar.com

Image Source: mochatini.com

Image Source: thislittlestreet.com

Looks like the dip-dyed hair trend will also be around for a while if Prada has anything to say about it. This is their fall 2012 ad – have a look and decide for yourself.

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