Expresso DIY Shabby Chic Effect

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Catherine Bowen
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DIY Shabby Chic Effect, image Source

DIY Shabby Chic Effect, Image Source:

Did you catch our resident DIY/Paint Effects expert Claire Bond on Expresso last Friday? No, then check out the YouTube clip below for the How-To on creating a DIY shabby chic effect for décor which imbues the home with a sense of “romance and antiquity”.

“French Cottage” interior styling is a perennial classic and is best created when using light, feminine colours such as pink and white. One can employ faux finishing techniques to give furniture a weathered, shabby appearance and it tends to work/look best on wicker or on antique pieces with ornate carving. Like other faux painting techniques, shabby chic painting uses a glaze to deliver the different types of effects…

DIY Shabby Chic Effect with Claire Bond

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