Floral Colours: Colour in Nature

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Catherine Bowen
, Plascon Trends Editor

Floral Colours - Zebra Primrose, Image Source oooilikeimgfave.com

Floral Colours – Zebra Primrose, Image Source: oooilikeimgfave.com

Yesterday, Anne reminded us why Radiant Orchid is the Colour of the Year. Personally I think it should come as no surprise that we are looking to flora for a bit of colour inspiration; it’s why I’m serving up some more floral colours for this rather grim and grey Tuesday in Cape Town, and starting with none other than the orchid.

Beautiful Blooms & Floral Colours

Floral Colours - Orchid, Image Source google.es

Orchid, Image Source: google.es

Floral Colours - Dracula Raven Orchid, Image Source tumblr.com

Dracula Raven Orchid, Image Source: tumblr.com

Fuchsia is another delicate flower that represents a colour favourite of mine:

Floral Colours - Fuchsia, Image Source pinterest.com

Fuchsia, Image Source: pinterest.com

And what would this world be without the prettiness of cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums (with their tendril-like petals):

Floral Colours - Cherry Blossom, Image Source flickr.com

Cherry Blossom, Image Source: flickr.com

Floral Colours - Japanese Chrysanthemum, Image Source flickr.com

Japanese Chrysanthemum, Image Source: flickr.com

Of course, given that we come from Africa, no selection of floral inspiration would be complete without a few succulents and cacti thrown in for good measure:

Floral Colours - Succulent/Cacti, Image Source theestateofthings.com

Succulent/Cacti, Image Source: theestateofthings.com

Floral Colours - Succulent/Fynbos, Image Source smashingthings.com

Succulent/Fynbos, Image Source: smashingthings.com

Lastly, there are these exquisite eucalyptus flowers which are so very reminiscent of our own proteas:

Floral Colours - Eucalyptus Macrocarpa, Image Source gardencad.net

Eucalyptus Macrocarpa, Image Source: gardencad.net

For any budding botanists or gardening enthusiasts who can help fill in the gaps with regards to specific names of any above the images, I would so love you to leave your comments below! 😉

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