Glow in the Dark road paint

Lauren Shantall
Lauren Shantall
, Plascon PR & Social Media Manager

Glow in the dark road paint

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source: Studio Rosegaarde

People are asking “Who killed the electric car?” but I really wish they would kill the electric road instead. Lighting highways at night can suck energy needlessly – especially if the roads are empty. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

The recent Design Indaba Conference, held 27 February to 01 March 2013, was, as it always is, a three-day Inspirathon where your brain sprints to some far-off place you never expected it to reach. Because I work for a paint brand, it seems obligatory to share a portion of the paradigm-shifting work of Daan Rosegaarde of Studio Rosegaarde, who is developing glow in the dark road paint and other revolutionary concepts for use in road markings. Me poor wee noggin cells are still panting ;-).

Smart Highway: Glow in the Dark Road Paint

The sad irony, as Daan himself pointed out, is that this is not a new idea at all. He even admits that the company he is collaborating with, Heijmans Infrastructure, has had the idea in their archives for several years already. So why now? Because it’s the right idea at a time when it has become wrong to be so wasteful with limited resources.

Daan Rosengaarde

Daan Rosengaarde (left) with the head of Heijmans Infrastructure, the project-backers

For many of Europe’s capitals, it is becoming prohibitively expensive to pay to light highways at night. Enter Daan and his cost- and energy-efficient solution.

Glow in the dark road-lines, Image Source

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source

Dubbed “Smart Highway”, it does away with streetlamps via road markings that glow in the dark, thanks to photo-luminescent paint that absorbs the sun’s energy in the day and emits light at night for up to 10 hours. It also uses temperature-sensitive coatings to display snowflake symbols when the road surface is covered in dangerous, slippery black ice; has roadside lights that only activate when a car passes; and even allows electric cars to recharge while driving. Ingenious.

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source

Glow in the dark road paint, Image Source

This really should have been done years ago, all around the world. It’s disappointing that we don’t have this in ZA, and instead we have Eskom. But what we do have is our upcoming Earth Hour. This year, Plascon is supporting the WWF by supplying paint for murals to raise awareness for Earth Hour (do you like our new Facebook image?). Please make me very happy by switching off this post and doing fun things in the dark instead…

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17 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    Brilliantly innovative! Can’t wait until we have this in SA!

  2. Heather says:

    Where can I buy glow in the dark paint? I want to paint my pathway that leads to my door. I know in the US they use Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Brush-on Paint. Do you have any idea where I can purchase such paint.? PLEASE help.

    Kindest regards

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Heather, thank you for your query. Your idea to paint your front pathway with glow-in-the-dark paint sounds great! Unfortunately we no longer produce Glow in the Dark paint. Does anyone know where one can get it in SA?

      • Laura says:

        I have about 100ml left in my little 200ml tub of paint. It’s PLASCON for sure – so they used to supply it. It WAS the best glow in the dark paint on the market – the tub glows constantly and does not require energising like other products. I’ve been trying to get my hands on more of the stuff but was dismayed where Herbert Evans told me it had been discontinued. I want to know WHY if its such a great product was it discontinued and if anyone has old stock hidden away somewhere??

        • Plascon says:

          Hi Laura,

          The Glow in the Dark paint to which you refer was under license to Plascon from Disney and was part of a full Disney paint range. It was a slow mover due to cost and was discontinued either because of low sales or our agreement with Disney expired.

          I doubt there are retailers who still have stock and if they do it is extremely old. Rustoleum Paints from the USA sell Glow in the Dark paint and is available through most retailers. Tile and Floor Care SA are the agents for Rustoleum and have an office in Cape Town.

    • Hi Heather, Jacks Paint and Hardware stocks glow in the dark paint. I know the one in Orange grove does, not sure where in South Africa you reside. If they out of stock you can place your order and they will get it in about 2 days time. Here is a contact detail:

      011 640 5067, Speak to Alison.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

    • ben says:

      I sell ultra bright/longer lasting Europium based glow in the dark powders, paints, wrist bands and violet lasers on my site along with other fluorescent stuff cheaper than anywhere else online, check it out if you have a chance

  3. Creativity at its best! We surely need this in South Africa. The best part is that it uses natural resources and there won’t be any “power failures” leaving roads in total darkness. 😀

    Thumbs up to Plascon for supporting and raising awareness for Earth Hour.

  4. Rob Strangeman says:

    I have local stocks of high quality luminescent pigment in powder form. Applications in plastics for glow in the dark mine and construction hard hats, plastic profiles, signage, paints, coatings and use in making wax candles that glow so you can see them in the dark and then light them. Even put some in fibreglass resin top coat for glow in the dark swimming pool. Suspend in clear polyurethane or epoxy coatings to paint on stone paving to give a long lasting after dark glow. The applications are endless.

  5. Jeanne says:

    do we have this yet in SA?? Costs?

  6. Leonora says:

    Their web address is SA… I’m pretty sure they are in SA.

  7. Good day my name is Martin Muvhango I stay in Pretoria south Africa and would like to purchase the glow in the dark road amarking paint. where can I purchase it in south Africa

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