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Catherine Bowen
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“Discover The Diamond Within You” by Gregory Franz, Woodstock, Cape Town

Every now and then you get a little reminder that your subconscious mind is indeed tapping into a greater collective unconscious… That unawares to you, your mind is recognising and banking and tuning into trends or music or art, that have as yet not been realised/verbalised by your day-to-day brain.

A good example of this would be me, about six months ago when I spotted a beautiful piece of street art that was tucked away in some forgotten and forlorn corner of Woodstock… This piece was by artist Gregory Franz; see the above pic taken with my fair hand using my rubbishy blackberry camera (one of those moments when you would really love an iPhone). Since then I had sort of been keeping a lazy, but unthinking eye open for works like this when driving around in Woodstock.

el Seed work in Phillipi, Cape Town, Image Source

Then, last Tuesday, my colleague Nicole shares two amazing sets of imagery with me and the Plascon Communications team. One set is of the inspiring street art done by artist el Seed, who visited our country not so long ago. He created this beautiful mural in Phillipi seen above (you can read the full article here) and below that I include some other examples of his work taken from his webpage…

el Seed, Image Source

el Seed, Image Source

The second set of images that she shared, were of these incredible Op Art street installations in Sao Paulo, by art collective boa mistura, that she found on – wow! Everything about them screams positivity and vibrancy and the writing contains words such as “beauty”, “pride” and other life-affirming messages.

boa mistura, Image Source

boa mistura, Image Source

boa mistura, Image Source

boa mistura, Image Source

boa mistura, Image Source

Wednesday was a tipping point for me, and suddenly the unconscious was fully conscious – Kim, explained about the new Freeworld Design Centre Exhibition (mentioned in yesterday’s post) featuring street artist Ed Suter. And then she blogged about the rise of this art form.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just a matter of me thinking about posting on these artists – it was something I had to do. I had no idea that once I dipped my toe into researching this art form that I would be taken over so completely by it… I was quite simply blown away by the wealth of beautiful images I found, like those of local artist fath47.

“all shall be equal before the law” by faith47, Image Source

“commerce”, civilisation and christianity by faith47, Image Source

Truly, street artists are affecting a profound reclamation of our neglected and impoverished urban areas; finding ways of making the barren, beautiful… Each in their own unique way; I realize that for many opinion is divided as to whether this constitutes vandalism or art, but for today I think we can at the very least agree that these examples do in fact constitute ART! So enjoy the visual smorgasbord of these living street galleries that I have put together and get inspired AND if you really, really love the post and want to see some more inspiring street art, then check out our Pinterest boards for more imagery!

stinkfish, Image Source

stinkfish, Image Source

David Walker, Image Source

David Walker 2, Image Source

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