Kansai Plascon Recognised as a Value Adding Supplier with Level 3 B-BBEE Status

INDUSTRY NEWS: Kansai Plascon Reaches Level 3 B-BBEE Status

Plascon Level 3 B-BBEE Status, Kansai Plascon CEO - Nauman Malik

Kansai Plascon CEO – Nauman Malik

We, Kansai Plascon, have achieved one of our best B-BBEE ratings to date and are recognised as a Value Adding Supplier. Our B-BBEE procurement recognition level has increased from 110% to 137.5%, which is higher than that of a non-value adding level 1 status supplier. So, when tendering for projects, our combined B-BBEE status and Value Adding Supplier position effectively make Kansai Plascon the preferred procurement choice.

Our B-BBEE status now stands at level 3, as of September 2014, having increased from level 4 in 2013. With a score of 80.27 points, this rating cements our position as the coatings industry market leader.

There’s great news for our customers too. Companies that purchase from Plascon will improve their own procurement scores thereby improving their B-BBEE ratings. By partnering with us, customers benefit through improved B-BBEE procurement scores.

In contrast, if a customer purchases products from a non-value adding level 5 supplier and not Plascon, then their procurement recognition will amount to a far lesser 80% only. All this renders Kansai Plascon the obvious choice.

Kansai Plascon has 125-year long history of leading quality assurance, superb formulation and trusted performance – and now, we have also secured our position as the market leader in benefitting our customers.

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4 Responses

  1. sindi mkhize says:

    i would like to encourage Plascon for good work. i wonder if you can help us to paint our primary school in Veralum.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Sindi,

      Thanks for your words of encouragement – it is always wonderful to receive feedback from the public!

      I will be emailing you the contact details of Plascon’s CSI Manager and you can put forward your proposal for Plascon to assist in the painting of your primary school in Veralum – I’m sure he will be delighted to hear from you.

      Kind regards.

  2. Elyjoy says:

    This is amazing work. Do employees get involved in the CSI initiatives? Who would be the best person to talk to with regards to your employee volunteer initiatives?

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Elyjoy – thanks for visiting Plascon Trends! 🙂

      I have briefly spoken with Plascon’s CSI manager, Patrick, and he says that staff involvement tends to be quite limited – for the reason that most are not always interested – which is a pity. He added that you are most welcome to send him a proposal, and they will then take it from there. I will email you shortly with his contact details.

      Kind regards.

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