We show and tell about the mini-fandecks in SPACES Magazine

Zurita Moore
Zurita Moore
, Plascon Trends Editor

I was so excited when the new SPACES magazine landed on my desk. Yes, it’s taken me a while to tell you that, but then I had 15 reasons to keep me busy over the last few weeks.

If you have bought the latest issue of Plascon SPACES, you would of course have your hands on one of the 15 gorgeous little colour decks. I don’t know about you, but this means that I have to get my hands on 15 copies so that I can get all of these little treasures.

Plascon Mini-fandecks

Plascon Mini-fandecks

Plascon “spice of life” – deck 8. Image courtesy of Zurita Moore.

My copy has deck 8 – spice of life. This one is extra special to me as the image featured on the cover was one I took while in India a couple of years ago. Claire Bond and I were tasked to put the mini-fandecks together, and let me tell you that we had fun doing it. All these colours – and how to make them work in our homes – seemed an almost  impossible task at first (even between the two of us), but in the end the mini-fandecks really took on a life of their own, and even naming them seemed to be a no-brainer.

The colours in deck 8 vary from soft, muted spice colours to beautiful and bold. We will be sharing our inspiration and favourite combinations with you over the next few weeks on Plascon Trends.

Plascon Mini-fandecks

Left: pinterest.com | Centre: pinterest.com | Right: pinterest.com

I decided to start off with the more bold and darker shades, as these are perfect for winter. Remember the 60 – 30 – 10 principle, where you can still keep your main wall colour and bring in subtle accents like throws, a beautiful artwork, or even simply a bunch of flowers to create a warm and cozy feel in any room (read more about the 60 – 30 – 10 principle here).

My favourite part of the colours in deck 8 is a combination of soft, muted shades with a bold colour for accent. This works especially well for those of us with an eclectic taste (and by that I mean we have a few second-hand pieces from friends and family 🙂 ).

Plascon mini-fandeck inspiration competition

If you don’t as yet have the latest issue of SPACES magazine, go out there and get it now for only R25-00. We would love to see in what ways you have been inspired by the colours of the deck that you got with your copy of SPACES magazine. Share your inspiration with us by sending in a photo to communications@kansaiplascon.co.za and if you are the winner chosen at the end of our series of posts, we will send you the limited edition decks (1-15) so you can play some more!

Remember, it is always best to purchase a 250 ml tester pot to test the colour before you purchase a large quantity of paint; these tester pots can be found at your nearest Plascon stockist or at the Plascon Spaces Showroom in the Design Quarter in Fourways.

We look forward to sharing some awesome colour ideas with you. Remember to spice it up!

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