Celebrating National Colour Week, 1-7 September 2014

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Plascon, South Africa’s leading paint and coatings brand, will celebrate the ways in which colour enriches our lives with Plascon National Colour Week from 1 to 7 September. This week-long festival is an opportunity to stop and think about what the colours in our world mean to us and the powerful effect that colour has on our lives.

Competition begins 01 Sept and ends 07 Sept - Click for T's&C's

Competition begins 01 Sept and ends 07 Sept – Click for T’s&C’s

During the week, Plascon will be bringing some colour into the lives of the nation, through Random Acts of Colour that brighten their environments. Plascon is also challenging everyone else in South Africa to perform Random Acts of Colour. For example, you could paint the walls of a school, plant some flowers for an old-age home, repaint an old piece of furniture, or buy some balloons and colourful sweets for underprivileged children living in a home. Some wonderfully colourful prizes will be awarded for the best and most creative Random Acts of Colour, including Le Creuset daily giveaways and Plascon paint.

There will also be emphasis on the themes that emerged from Plascon South Africa’s 2015 Colour Forecast, unveiled at Decorex Johannesburg in August. These themes fall under the broad theme of Celebrating Colour, and celebrates all of the energy, warmth and inspiration it brings into our lives:

  • Urban Glow evokes an atmosphere of mystery and contemplation, inspired by sunrise and sunset over the cityscape.
  • Natural Balance continues the trend for nature-inspired themes in interiors.
  • Vivid Expression is bright colours uniting in one story and creating a joyful atmosphere
  • Tailor Made delights in the everyday and explores a quiet luxury, where simple design is valued for its honest and thoughtful approach.

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Many of us take the colours in clothes, food, architecture and surroundings for granted, but it’s worth reflecting on the role that colour plays in our lives and how it shapes our emotions and reality. For that reason, Plascon is encouraging everyone to think about how they can enhance their lives and those of others with a splash of colour. Our themes for 2014 hint at a colourful year for South Africa with a sense of freedom, optimism and plenty of positive energy. They also show that paint effects are making a comeback but in new and surprising ways.

– Anne Roselt, Colour Marketing Manager at Kansai Plascon

Watch Plascon Trends and the press for more information about National Colour Week and be sure to follow Plascon on Twitter and Facebook to enter some exciting social media competitions. Also, pop into your local paint store for some great offers in celebration of our colourful week.

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Celebrating National Colour Week, 1-7 September 2013

National Colour Week 2013

Colour makes the world a beautiful place for us to live in but most of us take it for granted and don’t realise the wonderful uplifting qualities it has. There’s a reason why the greys of winter leave us feeling sombre, while the brights and pastels of summer give us energy and vigour. We have favourite colours because they invoke certain moods and feelings. Colour is so much a part of our lives… That’s why Plascon has decided to celebrate it!

Plascon is encouraging everyone to embrace and take note of the wonderful colours around us and to bring some these colours into our own lives, or the lives of those less fortunate, during National Colour Week, 1-7 September 2013.

Celebrating National Colour Week, 1-7 September 2013

Look out for the following Plascon initiatives during National Colour Week:

  • Free talks on colour and trends in interior design and fashion at the Plascon Design Centre in Cape Town on the afternoon of 3 September from 15h30, as part of trendtalk#6.
  • A social media campaign involving colourful competitions with great prizes – so be sure to check Plascon’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • A competition where you can send in photographs showing how you have revitalised a space or object with colour and you could win 100 litres of paint.
  • Plascon employees will be adding some colour to those less fortunate and regional teams will be out painting charities during National Colour Week.
  • A week of interactive art involving live painting and sculpting at the Plascon Spaces Showroom in the Design Quarter in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Still not sure what to do during National Colour Week? Don’t worry. Get the August issue of Plascon Spaces magazine to find over 100 different ways to celebrate colour. In the meantime, here are just a few colourful suggestions to get you going:

  1. Take a stroll through your local Botanic Gardens – spring is one of the best times to visit.
  2. Get ready for those hot summer days by buying yourself a bright and colourful beach towel.
  3. Fill your home with fresh flowers – the colours and fragrances will have a positive impact on your psyche.
  4. Paint your bathroom turquoise – it’s an uplifting and stimulating colour.
  5. Why not make a difference in people’s lives by getting involved in your community or doing a colourful good deed for children or the elderly?
  6. Plant some flowers.
  7. Take a few photos of your family – you’ll have colourful mementos forever.
  8. Spoil yourself with a colour therapy massage.
  9. Paint your dining room a shade of orange – it encourages conversation and is an appetite stimulator.
  10. Take a flight in a hot air balloon and marvel at the colours of Africa as you float over the countryside.
  11. Cycle through your city.
  12. Yellow encourages feelings of hope and cheerfulness, buy a bunch of tulips and keep them on your desk all morning – give them to a friend or colleague in the afternoon, along with all your positive thoughts.
  13. Give an old chair or piece of furniture a new lease on life by painting it a bright colour.
  14. Give everyone in the office jellybeans.
  15. Plan a party with colour as the theme. Balloons are inexpensive and can brighten up any party venue.

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