Plascon Colour of the Month: November Grey

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Catherine Bowen
, Plascon Trends Editor

Plascon Colour of the Month: November Grey

Image Source Plascon Spaces Magazine

Grey is one of those colours that’s being talked about at the moment in design circles. If you are one of our readers who love this shade, then we have a host of ideas for incorporating it into your space because unlike in life, grey areas in decor are gorgeous 😉

Plascon Colour of the Month Inspiration Session #8 – November Grey

Perhaps everyone’s gone gaga for grey thanks to the literary success of books like “50 Shades of Grey”… Whatever the case there are an infinite amount of tones that range from blackest charcoal to lightest eiderdown grey.

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Symbolically, greys represent strength, longevity and dependability (not a bad tone to set if you’re in a business that puts its store in gaining trust – lawyers, doctors, counsellors)… And regardless of whether it’s a grey that’s pale and whimsical or dark and foreboding, it will always be seen as colour that’s classic, sophisticated and contemplative.

Unsurprisingly there are a few more shades of grey than 50! In fact there are many, many more shades that range from warm taupe greys to cool blue greys, to darker greys (more authoritative and powerful) to greys that become almost white (which lend a softer, subtler message).

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Sources (left) &

Grey tips and grey colour inspiration…

Designers, creatives and decorators are mad about grey because there’s a tone that’s suitable for almost every colour in the spectrum. Admittedly grey on it’s own becomes a bit dull and monotonous which is why we suggest using different shades, textures and fabrications if opting for an all-grey scheme. Try using satin (high matt sheen) and velvet (plush sheen) in soft furnishings and/or accessories and compliment with a shimmer/sliver of silver for added impact.

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Grey is also a colour that works well used as an accent for skirtings and window frames and creates a contemporary feel in a room. The coolness of a grey can be balanced by a warm, neutral colour.

If you’re someone who loves to be bold, then try punching up a grey colour scheme with accents of bright yellow or fuscia pink which will instantly infuse the space with an energised atmosphere – grey doesn’t have to be cold or lacking in personality!

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Plascon Colour of the Month: Grey Interiors

Image Source

Are you a grey person?

Dark grey personalities tend to be anxious but optimistic, believing that the best is yet to come and often doing jobs no one else wants to do. Light Grey personalities are always ready to lend a hand – they are rescuers and tranquil souls who are grateful for everything they have.

Plascon’s favourite greys:
Dusk of Day (B6-E1-2) from the 2013 Colour Forecast
Ocean Liner (B6-E1-4) from the 2013 Colour Forecast
– We also love softer greys like Plascon Cashmere’s Off Shore (GR-YO3) and Geneva Morn (GR-YO1) [Edit: Please note – Since 2012, we have updated our PIC unit to include certain greys from the Architectural Greys into our 108 Essential Collection. They were then given new codes and the formulas where adjusted slightly. The biggest difference is on the Geneva Morn (Gr-Y01) where the adjustment caused the Essential Collection Geneva Morn (EC51) to be a warmer grey. Off Shore (EC50) is also just slightly warmer. It is advised that you first purchase tester pots and test the colour before purchase].

Plascon Greys - Paint Colour Sample

Plascon Greys – Paint Colour Sample

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61 Responses

  1. almarie says:

    What plascon paint colour will be the same as cement plaster. Thank you

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Almarie, thanks for getting in touch.

      Our colour expert suggests having a look at City Fog GR-N01 or Aegean Splendour GR-B03. She also emailed you screengrabs of the colours.

      Plascon also has 250ml sample pots that you can purchase from your local Plascon retailer. Here’s a list of all the retailers that stock tester posts:

  2. Shena Ruth says:

    I have a family room off of an open plan double volume kitchen dining area. The family room has little natural light – its windows opening onto a patio area. Furnishing is dark, serviceable dark leather. The only lightness is in a painting and cushions. I’d like to paint the walls a grey colour. Floor is off 2parts white one part grey screed. What grey would you suggest for walls?


    • Plascon says:

      Hi Shena, please see the comment below in response to Tania. It seems that grey is the flavour of the month! 🙂

  3. Tania Brickles says:

    I would like to paint my 3 living rooms that are all open spaces with a shade of grey, and one wall a darker shade, as a feature wall. Would city fog work as the wall colour blend in good with smokey grey as the feature wall? What would you suggest for a soft grey with a deep grey as the feature wall?

    Many thanks, Tania

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Tania, thanks for getting in touch. City Fog would look great on the walls with Ivory Barnacle (GR-G08). If you wish to go lighter, try Bantry Cream (GR-Y02) as the wall colour and Paris Paving (GR-Y09) as the accent wall. Please try tester pots first to be sure of your choice.

      Here is a list of all stores that stock Plascon Tester Pots:

      Happy painting!

  4. Linda says:

    I would like to paint my walls with shades of warm soft grey.
    I have and old house with original Oregon pine floors. Love grey but struggling to find the right grey. Some rooms get lots of natural light – others minimum natural light. Therefore need at least 2 shades, lighter one for darker rooms & darker for lighter rooms.
    Have tried Mandarin Tusk which I like but would prefer it a little warmer.
    Also tried Antique Petal but its very pink in some rooms. Need another option please.
    Offshore to dark. Need an in between Mandarin & Antique Petal with warmth. Do not want green undertones.
    Have colourful accessories – so colour must be fairly neutral.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch.

      Mandarin Tusk and Antique Petal are really the softest and warmest greys we have. The only other suggestion we can make is Plaster E16-2 from the Whites Inspiration brochure.

  5. Thora says:


    We are building a “modern house” with a charcoal roof and charcoal aluminium window frames. I would like to paint the exterior of the house in shades of grey. Can you recommend some sample colours that i could take a look at for walls and facias as well as boundary wall.

    Thanks so much

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Thora

      Thanks for reaching out to us. This sounds exciting!

      We would love to help, but the colours we recommend would depend on what greys you are looking for i.e. light or dark and warm or cool.

      The best option would be to reach out to our Spaces Showroom team at, who are our colour experts and offer a free colour consultation service 😀

      Kind regards

  6. Marietjie says:

    Hi, would you say Plascon DC 13 ; SERIOUS 37 ( Matt Polvin) is a warm grey? I want to paint our bedroom in a warm grey and bought a tester pot, but i’m not sure this is the shade I’m looking for. Thank you.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Marietjie,

      Apologies for the delay in response (we had downtime on our Plascon Spaces Showroom over the last 3 weeks — which is where our colour consultants operate from).

      You may already have moved forward on this enquiry, but if you are still interested – Claire Bond has advised as follows:

      Essential Collection Colour: Serious

      This colour “Serious” is warmer than some of our other greys in the Essential Collection. Please have a look at the attached images below, in order to compare “Serious” against some other warm Greys:

        Light Stone is a lovely warm grey and it does not have much blue in it. Serious, although warm has a little blue in the formula making it cooler than light stone.

        Mandarin Tusk is cooler than Light Stone and much lighter than Serious.

        Ravine is quite warm but depending on the light and furnishings in the room can appear a little pink which makes this is warm colour.


      Brand Ambassador & Stylist

      Serious swatch plus

  7. Bev says:

    I am interested in painting the interior of my house with a light cool grey colour that does not have a blue undertone. I have tried the Mandarin Tusk, Antique Petal and the Plaster colour pots but find them all too soft/warm. I am keen on a very industrial look and is looking at trying out Misty Dawn, Orchid Bay or Light Grey Aluminium. Which one would you recommend.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Bev,

      An email was sent directly to you in October, but I’m also copying over the response here for the benefit of other readers. Our colour expert Claire Bond has responded (see below):

      In answer to the request for a cool grey. Please see answers in bold black.

      I am interested in painting the interior of my house with a light cool grey colour that does not have a blue undertone. I have tried the Mandarin Tusk, Antique Petal and the Plaster colour pots but find them all too soft/warm.

      Yes, Antique Petal and Plaster do have a warm hue. The Mandarin Tusk is a good gentle grey, but it could be too light for the Industrial mood you want to create. Have you painted a small sample using two coats of paint. What is the colour underneath your sample? The grey Mandarin Tusk might be appearing even lighter than it actually is. Once you paint this colour on all of your walls using two coats of a Polvin, Double Velvet or Cashmere the colour reflects on itself (all four walls painted) making it appear richer and usually deeper.


      What colour is your flooring? Tiling or wood or carpeting. Please send an image from your cellphone it will help enormously. [forward email to ]

      I am keen on a very industrial look and is looking at trying out Misty Dawn, This has green hue. Orchid Bay This has a rosy hue or Light Grey Aluminium. Grey greenish hue, very very interesting colour and worth sampling.


      Which one would you recommend? Silver 38 and Off Shore 50 would work for an industrial atmosphere however they do have a cool blue undertone.


      Please visit your local retailer and look at the stripe card for a better idea of the colour. The computer screen distorts the true colour.


      Brand Ambassador and Plascon Stylist

      • Chan says:

        Dear Claire
        I think Bev and I must be building the same home only I’m painting my interiors in pure white! My floors are a light grey screed and my kitchen counter tops are in caeserstone’s “raw concrete”. I am now trying to find the perfect shade of grey 😉 to do my kitchen cupboards! Knowing full well that the duck finish changes the colour somewhat I’ve been painting swatches of Greys all over the kitchen walls. HELP!
        I’m looking for a cool greyer shade of white!!! I’ve tried Antique Petal and Mandarin Tusk and I get either a yellow/pink undertone. Silver and Light aluminium are too dark. What should I test next! Veldrift/Misty dawn were my next thoughts?? Nomadic dream looks like the right tone but a shade too dark? What can you suggest?

        Thx for the very informative article and comments!
        Kind rgds

        • Plascon comments moderator says:

          Hi Chan,

          Thanks for visiting Plascon Trends! 🙂

          I have forwarded your comment-questions to Claire Bond – as soon as she is able to respond, I will copy that over to you.

          In the interim, you might also want to take a look at our Colour of the Month for March post which also explored Grey Paint Colours & Interiors.

          Kind regards.

        • Plascon comments moderator says:

          Hi Chan,

          Apologies for the delay: Claire has been on leave, getting some colour inspiration in France 😉

          Our Plascon Spaces Showroom Manager, Zurita Moore, was also on leave and only arrived back late last week – please see Zurita’s response (below):

          I have had a look at the various colours, and two that stand out for me is from our Essential Collection: Serious (37) and Light Stone (68). If this doesn’t work for you, try Ivory Parchment (Y3-D2-3). My assumption would be that you will get your cupboards sprayed by a professional, and I would strongly recommend that you do a test before you decide on the actual colour. It will all depend on what product is used to spray the cupboard. Am I understanding that you are talking about a chalky, matt finish when you talk about a “duck finish”?

          I looked at both Veldrift and Misty Dawn, and my personal opinion: Veldrift will also go pink and Misty Dawn will go green, so you will not be happy with them. We have two different formulas for Mandarin Tusk, and you should ask your local hardware to mix the Architectural Grey (GR-Y04) for you and not the new Essential Collection formula – as that has a slightly warmer feel. Please note: it is advised that you first purchase tester-pots and test the colour before purchase of product.

          Hope this gives you a good idea. You can always send us a photo to and we can do a colour rendering for you. For any other questions, please see contact details below


          ZURITA MOORE
          Manager: Spaces Showroom

          Call: 011 467 8693
          Technical advice: 086 020 4060

  8. Keru says:

    Would Aluminium Snow make a small room feel/look smaller? i would like to use it in my living room and bedrooms (which are quite small). Would aluminium light grey be a better choice for smaller rooms? I have light grey wooden floors in the bedrooms and the lounge has glossy white tiles with a light grey pattern on them. Also, i am looking for a charcoal grey & dark purple to use for feature walls. what would you recommend?

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Keru,

      I have consulted with Plascon’s Brand Ambassador and Stylist, Claire Bond, and she advises as follows:

      I have compared Light Grey Aluminium AL-Y03 to the recipe of Aluminium Snow AL-B01 using the matt product Cashmere for the your interior space. Both colours will work in a small space, as long as the area is filled with natural sunlight. The darker the room is, the deeper the Aluminum Snow AL-B01 will appear in this room, along with the fact that painted on all 4 walls this medium grey will reflect on itself which deepens it further.

      The light Grey Aluminum (this colour is placed underneath the grey tile – see photo below) will not appear as deep, but due to the recipe will have a slightly green hue compared to the Aluminium Snow which has a blue hue.

      Light Grey Aluminiun compare

      The trick is to look at the floor tile in the actual room, and paint a 70 x 70 cm wet paint sample of each colour using two coats of Cashmere. Once the coats have dried, look at the colours in the early morning, then in the afternoon light, and finally in the evening light. This will help with the final colour decision.

      In the above image, I have placed a wooden tile sample as well as a grey tile sample placed on top of the colours in question; the grey tile has more green in it and works well against the greener grey which is Light Grey Aluminium.

      If your floor is warmer and both your colour suggestions look too blue against your floor, I suggest you look at the warmer greys that I have added to the image above. It is important that you collect these colour-stripe cards from a hardware store to view the colours against your floor tile (as computer colour is not accurate):

      Mandarin Tusk 49
      Geneva Morn 51
      Off Shore 50

      Please note the codes on the paint colours. My advice on the recipe comparisons are according to the codes I have used. These codes are necessary when visiting the hardware store to mix your paint. They have two recipes, and if these codes are not given to them they will mix the incorrect colours even though the colour names are the same.

      Kind regards.

  9. Julianne says:

    I really like the bottom section on: “Are you a grey person?”
    It’s quite true and yes I love grey!

  10. Lucia says:

    Hello, I’m uncertain whether I’ve bought a “warm grey” for my open plan lounge/dining room. The walls are white and the soft furnishings are teal & lime with subtle hints of orange. The only solid wall I have (which isn’t broken by doors or windows, I painted a Thames Dusk … and now I’m unsure…
    Oh, and my three pieces of wooden furniture have been painted with chalk paint in a mixture of Old White and Paris Grey (not a Plascon brand).

    Hoping you can give me some advice whether to leave it or rather use another colour?

    Much obliged
    Lucia Hewitt

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Lucia,

      After consultation with our colour experts at the Plascon Spaces Showroom, the Showroom Manager has responded as follows:

      Dear Lucia,

      Thames Dusk has a definite blue undertone, which would classify it as a cool grey. Warmer greys would be either Paris Paving (GR-Y09) or Tibetan Cloak (GR-R03).

      With the choices that you made for your soft furnishings as well as the chalk paint colours, I would say the colour that you chose is spot on!

      Manager: Spaces Showroom

      • Lucia says:

        Hi Zurita
        Thank you so much for your response, really appreciate it. I can’t get used to it and feel it’s too dark for my small space. Is there a lighter cool grey you could recommend? I’m thinking I should perhaps use this darker colour for the door instead?
        Thanks again and regards

        • Plascon comments moderator says:

          Hi Lucia,

          I have forwarded your question to Zurita and she will hopefully get back to you soon. In the interim, perhaps take a few photos of the space, and when she contacts you, you can send the photos to her (to ensure the most appropriate advice/recommendations can be given).

          All the best.

        • Plascon comments moderator says:

          Actually, Lucia, I think take the photos and send them as soon as you can to (marked for the attention of Zurita). I will let her know to expect them.

  11. Claire says:

    I am doing my daughters room in a light grey with baby pink, white and duck egg geometric accents. Off shore was my firm favorite but Mandarins Tusk was a close second. I now have a bit of a conflict since reading above and seeing that off shore has a cool blue undertone. I am looking for a warm, brown undertone. Is Mandarins Tusk a better option?

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Claire,

      After consultation with our colour experts at the Plascon Spaces Showroom, the Showroom Manager has responded as follows:

      Dear Claire, Off Shore (EC50) is a warmer grey than Mandarin Tusk (EC49) so my advice would be to go for Off Shore rather than Mandarin Tusk. I have painted my own house with another soft grey, called Serious (37) which is considered a soft warm grey as well. It is very light, but gorgeous. If you want a touch more colour, I would go with Off Shore. Please buy 250ml tester pots and test the colour before you commit.

      Manager: Spaces Showroom

  12. Claire says:

    Hi Zurita, thank you for your response. I have decided to go with Off Shore and am very excited to see the final result. I am a bit concerned, however, because I used the code given further up (GR-YO3) when ordering the paint and I see the code you have advised is different (EC50). I haven’t opened the paint yet. will it be a different shade?

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Claire,

      Don’t open the paint. Sorry about this discrepancy – I have emailed Zurita and the post author/editor (above) – as soon as I hear back from them, I will advise. Apologies for this delay and hassle.


    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Claire,

      Please see the following from Zurita:

      The colour that the customer is referring to – Off Shore (GR-YO3)- was previously (2012) part of the Architectural Grey Fandeck with the GR codes. Since then, we have updated our PIC unit to include certain greys from the Architectural Greys into our 108 Essential Collection. They were then given new codes and the formulas where adjusted slightly.

      The biggest difference is on the Geneva Morn (Gr-Y01) where the adjustment caused the Essential Collection Geneva Morn (EC51) to be a warmer grey. Off Shore (EC50) is also just slightly warmer.

      It would depend on which colour the customer prefers, as both can still be mixed. If the client wants the EC50 grey from the Trends post in March (2015), these are the Essential Collection colours, so they would need to be mixed with the new formulas. If the customer wants the old formulas of 2012 then the old code (GR-Y03) would apply.

      My suggestion as always, please purchase tester pots and test the colour before purchase.

      Kind regards,

      Manager: Spaces Showroom

  13. Louise says:

    What plascon paint colour will be the same as charcoal aluminium window frames? any suggestuions?

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Louise,

      After consultation with our colour experts at the Plascon Spaces Showroom, the Showroom Manager has responded as follows:

      As you can see from the attached picture, Charcoal Aluminium is quite dark. I have matched it to four variations or charcoal / dark grey, but please go and purchase tester pots and test it before you buy a large quantity of paint. My feeling is that it could go four ways ( it is very tricky to match a colour digitally, as you are not working with accurate hues).

      Here are the colours that I chose:

      1) Roman Nights (GR-Y15)
      2) Zanzibar Tavern (GR-B12)
      3) Phantom Ship (GR-G10)
      4) Anthracite Aluminium (AL-B02)

      Kind regards,

      Manager: Spaces Showroom

      Charcoal aluminum colour options

  14. Louise says:

    Thanks! I will try the testers.

  15. Julie says:

    Hi, I have a beautiful table runner in a grey french linen which I bought in Provence. I am wanting to paint a built in counter in a similar colour but paler. Please could you advise me which are the paint colours that have that soft sludgy grey used so much in Provence ( in a lighter tone). Thanks so mch.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Julie, thanks so much for your enquiry. I have put together 4 greys that could possibly work, but this is a really tricky one. If you are based in Johannesburg, I would really suggest that you visit the Plascon Spaces Showroom with the runner you have purchased so that you can match the colour that you want with a brush out, rather than a digital swatch. The showroom is in the Design Quarter in Fourways:

      If you are not based in Johannesburg, please send me a photo of the runner to so that we may get an idea of the colour.

      Kind regards,
      Zurita Moore

      Provence greys

  16. Debbi Wynne says:

    Hi There,
    I know this thread is little old but really hoping you can please help.
    I am looking to paint the inside of our house, which is currently a nondescript cream colour, with a light warm grey.
    The outside of the house is a sort of light khaki green (I forget the name), with features of Battleship Grey, and lots of stone walls and cladding. The roof of the house is also grey.
    We already have some dark grey feature walls inside the house(Moonlit Sky – usually a Nuroof colour), which is a ‘proper’ grey.
    I picked up a couple of colour cards, and brochures, as well as a few samples in Cashmere.
    I thought the Off Shore would be a good option, I really, really like it on the card and in the brochure, but on our walls it looks very cold, almost pale blue, light grey. I was very surprised.
    I then tried Ravine, which on the walls looks very ‘pink’, a sort of salmon.
    My next options have been Serious and Light Stone.
    The Light Stone is a tad too on the brown side (too dark/rich for painting the entire inside of the house), the Serious I like, but I feel like it could be just a smidgen lighter.
    With all of this in mind, please could you kindly make any recommendations? Is this possibly a shade/colour I have overlooked and you could recommend?

    Many, Many Thanks, appreciated

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Debbie, you are quite correct and have tested quite a few of our colours, especially those greys that are usually good to use.

      I suggest she sample Ravine in the old coding NEU 05 as the new formulation on the Essential collection is definitely rosy. Serious is more grey than Ravine and a good option.

      There is nothing else in our range they are either to cool with blue or they go to green.

      I hope that helps Debbie!

      • Debbi Wynne says:

        Many Thanks for your input, I thought I had it covered, but did think to check … just in case 🙂
        Thanks again,

  17. Andre says:

    Hi, I have spent a few weeks looking for a warm grey. I bought some testers of Landing, Mandarin Tusk, Antique Petal, and one or two others. They were either too yellow or blue in the Killarney flat. I now know that one cannot rely on the small paint chips on the colour charts; one has to paint a fairly large patch on the actual wall in the room to see the true colour. I have also discovered that it is very difficult to get the exact shade and temperature of grey that one looking for. A few days ago I tried Corbusier (E17-2) and found it to be the exact colour I wanted: fairly neutral, but warm without being too yellow or beige. One question: why can I not find any Google search links to Corbusier? Even when I search for it on the Plascon sites I get a message that the colour is not valid.

    • Natasha says:

      I have the same problem, I love Corbusier E17-2 but can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web.
      Can anyone please advise?

      • Andre says:

        Hi Natasha, I decided to use Corbusier E17-2 in my apartment in Killarney, Johannesburg. So far I have painted a bedroom and office using Cashmere. I LOVE it because it really lived up to my expectations. I had it mixed at Builders Warehouse in Rivonia.
        It would be nice to have some links to web sites from the Plascon experts.

        • Plascon comments moderator says:

          Hi Andre,

          Apologies – your original question somehow slipped through the net and was only brought to my attention with the receipt of Natasha’s follow-up query yesterday (I also tried searching for Corbusier E17-2 and could not find it anywhere on the web). I have forwarded both your and Natasha’s questions to our colour consultants at the Plascon Spaces Showroom. As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll post it here.

          Many thanks and kind regards.

      • Plascon comments moderator says:

        Hi Natasha,

        As per my reply to Andre (above), I have forwarded both questions to our colour consultants at the Plascon Spaces Showroom and cc’d our digital communications manager re: the lack of website information about Corbusier E17-2. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

        Many thanks and kind regards.

      • Plascon comments moderator says:

        Hi Andre and Natasha – please see Plascon’s response and suggestions below:

        Good Morning,

        Thank you for your kind enquiry.

        Depending entirely on your accessories, such as your floor, lighting and furniture, finding the perfect grey can be a mammoth task. However, Corbusier E17-2 is still one of my favorite colours, but unfortunately this colour is from our Expressions Range which is about 10 or 15 years old and is therefore no longer available online and there are no swatches available for clients to view.

        The closest match would be the colour Happy Ending Y5-B2-3, this colour is slightly warmer when compared to the Corbusier E17-2. When Happy Ending is painted in the very sunny spaces, it might show a slight yellow undertone, but in the shade it has a much greyer undertone.

        For further enquiry please contact me.

        Kindest Regards,

        Colour Consultant, Plascon Spaces Showroom

        • Andre says:

          Thank you for the feedback. The yellow undertone is what I wanted to avoid. Luckily I could still request E17-2 and have bought four 5 litre cans so far. As I mentioned, I am very happy with the result i n my place.

  18. Ginette Chubb says:

    Hello. I am in the process of selecting paint to paint the exterior of my house. I would like to use a dark charcoal colour on the roof (like atmosphere grey) (and follow that colour through on the downpipes, window ledges, front gate etc. I am then wanting to do a lighter shade of grey on the walls (with a white border around the windows, white facias etc). I did sample patches with Bali Deep and Agean Splendour but both seem a little dark (my husband loves it but it makes me really nervous to paint in such a dark colour. Can you please give me a suggestion as to what other shades of grey I could consider. Or should we rather consider a more natural shade as we have a large wooden deck on the front of the house, wooden windows and doors, and out exterior blinds are a neutral (light sand) colour

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Ginette, thanks for visiting Plascon Trends. I have consulted with our colour experts – please see their advice below:

      Dear Ginette, your colour options and ideas sound amazing. The best option for you really is to be in touch with the Plascon Spaces Showroom. You can send them photos of your house (between 1MB and 5 MB) and they will do three colour options for you. This would then give you a really good idea of which colour to go with. Please send a mail to and they will be in touch. Kind regards.

      • Ginette Chubb says:

        Thank you SO much, really appreciate the advice. Will take pics tonight and send them in tomorrow to the email address supplied.

  19. Robyn says:

    I’m looking for a lighter grey that will work well with Spanish Delta. The exterior of our house is plaster and cladding. The plaster will be in Spansih delta and I need a lighter grey for the cladding. Off shore looks a little light, perhaps Serious… But not sure if that would go together
    Many thanks

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hello Robyn,

      As per your enquiry, please see the linked digital swatches of colours that will work well with the Spanish Delta.

      Please note: these computer rendered simulations show digital colour and may vary from the actual dry paint colour. The actual colour will vary depending on the gloss level, application method, film variance, substrate and light source. For critical colour matches, a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and checked before proceeding with the entire project.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lungile Mtshali at

      Kind regards.

  20. Robyn says:

    Another option for the exterior of our house is
    light stone 68 but we need a lighter colour , monochromatic colour, for the cladding….which colour could we use?
    Thanks again

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Robyn,

      Lungile Mtshali has prepared the following swatches (click to view) as options for you to look at.

      Please note that the digital colour on the attached presentation may vary from the actual dry paint colour. Digital Colour gives you a visual idea. We recommend that you purchase a 1L sample in the product with which you intend to paint your walls i.e. Plascon Cashmere or Wall & All as your testing option. Please paint two coats on a white surface allowing each coat to dry in between. It is important to look at the colours in the morning, midday and late afternoon to ensure that you are happy with how it changes under different light conditions. Kindly purchase a tester pot from your local hardware and try the colour on a small surface before buying large quantities.

      Thank you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lungile (details below).

      Kind regards,

      Lungile Mtshali
      Colour Consultant
      Plascon Spaces Showroom

  21. Tracey says:


    I am building a new home and considering painting my kitchen cupboards in mandarin Tusk and the island in Serious. The kitchen has a double volume ceiling so quite high and the kitchen, sounding and living room are one room. What are the most popular kitchen cupboard and island combinations – would you recommend differently to Mandarin Tusk and Serious and what colour would you suggest for the walls?

    Bearing in mind that they are all basically one big room, I was also considering painting the lounge in Bantry Cream and having one wall in Paris Paving – but not sure who that will impact on the kitchen cupboards etc and very worried that it will all be too much grey. My other option that I was considering was going with a nice white on the walls.

    Also (there’s more complications) – I have left one part of the cement showing on one wall – so that would also need to be considered.


    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Tracey,

      Thanks for visiting Plascon Trends 🙂

      I have forwarded your question to the Plascon Spaces Showroom – they will assign one of our colour consultants to it. As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll post their response and suggestions/options below.

      Kind regards.

    • Plascon comments moderator says:

      Hi Tracey – please see below for options/suggestions from one of our colour consultants:

      Kindly look at the cabinet colours on slide 1 and 2 of the colour presentation (click link to view – it’s a 4MB pdf presentation, please wait to fully load). All the colours will work with the wall colours on the last slide.

      The colour Serious is a beautiful warm grey colour but I think it will be too brown. I would look at Crete Shore, Paris Paving or Sterling which will give you a very good contrast with any of the wall colours suggested on the last slide. If you’re painting Paris Paving as one of your accent wall colours, kindly look at Crete Shore or Sterling and use any of the wall colours suggested. For a clean fresh look, you can use Light Grey Aluminium on your cabinets with Evening Mist on your walls as per slide 2, image 1.

      Thank you. For further enquiry, please contact me (Lungile) at

      Kind regards,

      Plascon Colour Consultant

  1. April 15, 2014

    […] – it packs a punch, and just generally makes me feel really happy. I love how it pairs with grey, another one of my favourites (when all else fails, make it grey!) – here is a cheat sheet on […]

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