Plascon Essential Collection: All The Neutral Colours You Love – Part 1

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Catherine Bowen
, Plascon Trends Editor

Whenever we post on neutrals we’re always overwhelmed by the response we get from our readers, which is why today and Wednesday we’ll be featuring our beloved “Essential Collection” inspired by an article in PLASCON SPACES magazine that was written by Annette Klinger. The colours range from pastels and beiges to greys, greens and brights and boast a selection of shades that are tried and tested favourites of our experts!

We often get feedback from our consumers and readers wanting to spruce up their lounge or kitchen and give it a new lease on life, but having no idea where to start. This was precisely the motivation behind the Essential Collection complied by Plascon’s Colour Manager, Anne Roselt. The collection is comprised of 108 classic colours that she knows are the preferred choices of paint professionals, and just as our annual Colour Forecasts are divided into themes to make choosing your favourite colour easier, so too is this collection. It has been divided into 9 themes, each with its own distinct mood. It couldn’t be simpler to choose how to transform your home into your dream space!

In Anne’s own words:

This collection makes selecting colours easy for anyone, from the designer and the architect to the person who has never painted their home before.

SLEEK theme

Essentials Collection - the Sleek Palette; wall painted in Plascon Wall & All River Clay (EC69)

Essential Collection – the Sleek theme. Wall painted in Plascon Wall & All – River Clay (EC69). Image: Plascon SPACES Magazine

Each of the greys in this collection has unique undertones that range from warm to cool – and many can also be used in combination to create a feeling of classic elegance or a warm contemporary look.

MOODY theme

Essentials Collection - the Moody Theme; Wall painted in Plascon Cashmere Tribecca Corner (EC48)

Essential Collection – the Moody theme. Wall painted in Plascon Cashmere – Tribecca Corner (EC48). Image: Plascon SPACES Magazine

Using the dramatic shades in the Moody theme will create a sense of mystery in your home. With a few understated accessories, they produce a glamorous result without breaking the bank.


Essentials Collection - the Connected Theme; Wall painted in Plascon

Essential Collection – the Connected theme. Accent wall painted in Plascon Winter Savanna (EC 27). Image: Plascon SPACES Magazine

This is a combination of timeless hues, and because of their earthy origins, it is a good idea to team walls painted in these colours with bold, contrasting accessories that will create extra interest!

CALM theme

Essentials Collection - the Calm Theme; exterior painted in Plascon Wall & All Green Glass (EC 81)

Essential Collection – the Calm theme. Exterior painted with Plascon Wall & All in Green Glass (EC 81). Image: Plascon SPACES Magazine

Light blues and greens create a sense of peacefulness. As Anne says:

These colours bring balance and harmony to a room … This palette also includes gentle sky-blues to create a feeling of space, relaxation and tranquility.

Be sure to look out for Wednesday’s post on the Soothing, Confident, Airy, Bold and Gentle themes!

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