Plascon Mystery Colour Forecast 2012: Purple

Catherine Bowen small
Catherine Bowen
, Plascon Trends Editor

So… Plascon’s 2012 Colour Forecast highlighted beautiful purple, or even “purpoo” as little folk are want to call it (the “ple” consonant is a tricky one to master when you’re all of 2 years old), in its “Mystery” theme… And for our first post with the season turning to winter and our thoughts turning to cosy spaces to while away the rainy and cold weather, what better colour to pick up on than purple!

If one looks at the psychology behind the colour purple it speaks to spiritual awareness, containment, vision, luxury, authenticity, truth, quality… Quite a lovely mood to create in a room when cocooning and making use of the relaxing winter months.

Specifically the Plascon Colour forecast 2012 looked at shades of rich, gorgeous plum, but we’ve found a few other delicious inspiring foods that are purple and fabulous – purple cabbage and the purple of garlic cloves. It just goes to prove that if you are seeking inspiration, often you need look no further than nature or your kitchen cupboard – whichever being closest! 😉

Plascon Inspiration Session – Purple

We have put together this little Inspiration Session featuring some purple-themed interiors we admire. Enjoy!

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