Plascon Colour of The Month for July: Winter White!

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

Plascon’s July Colour Of The Month: Winter White

It’s a new month which means that here at Plascon Trends we’re announcing a new colour of the month – Winter White! Janna Joseph, Acting Editor of Plascon Spaces Magazine, interviewed our Colour Expert Anne Roselt, to find out why we’ve come over all pale and light this month…

Plascon Spaces Magazine “Winter White” inspiration for bathrooms.

Janna Joseph: Why is Winter White our colour of the month?

Anne Roselt: White is the colour of peace, calm and purity; white is uncluttered and its’ simplicity helps cleanse our mind of worry and open it to fresh ideas and creativity… With so much stress and tension in the world today it is no wonder people are craving the cleansing and peaceful qualities of white.

Winter White inspirtion, Image Source

Janna Joseph: What’s special/new/trendy about this colour?

Anne Roselt: Usually a colour reserved for summer – winter white has been huge on the red carpet and in fall and winter fashion weeks. White used to be the norm when painting and because of this it may be considered boring, but when the entire look is considered and planned, this is when white becomes special.

Winter White inspiration for bedrooms, Image Source

Janna Joseph: What specific Plascon colour names and palettes, should we look out for?

Anne Roselt: Look out for the White Inspiration brochure at your Plascon retailer – lovely winter whites include “Landing” (E15-2), “Liberia” (E14-1) and “Goose Down” (WHT 10). Beautiful winter whites on the Plascon Inspired Colour stand include “Moon Beam” (Y5-A2-3) and “Ivory White” (Y4-B2-3). From the designer range Plascon pearl paint has a metallic finish to it.

Winter White inspiration, Image Source Plascon Spaces Magazine.

Janna Jospeh: What kind of person (i.e. their colour profile/psychology/personality) does this colour suit?

Anne Roselt: People who are drawn to white are tranquil and seek inner peace. They strive for fairness for all and will go to great lengths to get to the truth. They shed light in dark spaces, and often save the day just like the “The White Knight on his charger”. It is also a colour favoured by those obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness.

Winter White bedroom inspiration, Image Source

Janna Joseph: What kind of room does it suit and why?

Anne Roselt: White is a neutral colour and can be used in any room of the house. But, an all white room can be cold, boring, sterile and depressing… It is important to add different shades and textures of white to create warmth and interest. Consider bringing different off-white textures into the space like wool, weathered wood, pearl, linen and glass for instance. Furniture, objects and mouldings work well when painted in white because white makes them stand out. It is also the favourite colour for skirtings, doors and ceilings.

Winter White living room inspiration, Image Source

Janna Jospeh: What colours does it go with? What accents and complementary colours should it be paired with?

Anne Roselt: White provides the perfect canvas for any colour in the spectrum. For example – contemporary White and Black, or White and Gold. Classic White and Blue. Uplifting White and Yellow. Energizing White and Red.

Winter White bedroom inspiration, Image Source

Janna Joseph: What types or shades of White are there and how do they differ from each other in a space?

Anne Roselt: When white is added to a colour it is called a tint. Whites with a touch of blue or grey in them are cold whites or ice -whites, whites with a touch of cream or warm grey in them are warmer off-whites. Shades are when black is added to a colour, so the shade of white is grey.

Winter White living room inspiration, Image Source

Anne Roselt: While brilliant white can be cold, clinical and create a glare in a room, off-whites are warmer, softer and are easier to live with. Use the whitest white for items you want to highlight – like mouldings. Plascon Polvin has the whitest white. The combination of bright white and softer off-whites creates a calming feel without being boring. For a subtle but interesting wall finish try alternating stripes in a matt paint like Plascon Cashmere and a sheen paint like Double Velvet tinted to the same winter white colour. You can also try this with a stencil design to create a damask effect, which works beautifully with Plascon Pearl paint!

Inspiration Session – Winter White


We’ve put together this little Inspiration Session featuring some white-themed interiors we admire. Enjoy!

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14 Responses

  1. Babette strauss says:

    I am repainting an apartment in cape town. I want to go white maybe winter white as I have been advised to go just off white but I don’t want yellow. Is there a warm white without yellow tones maybe slightly taupey. Thanks Babette

  2. Plascon says:

    Hi Babette, thanks for your comment.

    I would suggest either Dried Leaf WHT 5 or Landing E15-2 from the Whites Inspiration brochure and Ivory White Y4-B2-3 from the Inspired Colour stand – (don’t be put off by the yellows on the card – look at it in isolation).

    Hope this helps!

  3. Tissa says:

    I am keen to repaint in soft Greys, but do not want the blue undertones (I’d prefer a brown base). Can you recommend something? How do the E15-3 Dundas and E15-2 Landing fit into this spectrum? Are they recommended if one is looking for a ‘warm-grey’ rather than a ‘cold-grey’? Thanks for the assistance.

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Tissa!

      Landing is really an off white, I wouldn’t call it a warm grey. Dundas is definitely a warm grey and a beautiful colour. Another warm grey I would recommend is Ravine Neu 05 – it is from the Plascon Naturals Inspiration brochure, which you can get from any Plascon retailer.

      We hope this helps!

  4. Ronelle says:

    My flat is currently being built, and the developers have recommended E14-1 Liberia with E14-4 Mayonstone as the feature wall colour. Does this colour combination work well together? If i wanted a soft green that will blend in with these two colours, what would you recommend? Thanks

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Ronelle,

      It’s a lovely neutral combination! For your green, have a look at Pale Thyme Y7-D2-3 – although the best green would be one that fits in with the decor in the house, ideally matched to one of the greens in the decor.

  5. Justine Potter says:

    We are looking to paint a bathroom in an offwhite with brown undertones – not pink – as the natural light in the room tends to make colours look pink. Which white tint would look best?

  6. Wendy says:

    Hi we are looking to paint our whole house, interior, white. It got a cream/ beige kind of ceramic tile. The kitchen is black counter top with light/yellowish cupboard, open plan.

    I want to change the look to be more modern, contemporary and bing more light into the house.

    1. Can you suggest white that will go well with the tiles? I feel the tiles is dimming the house.

    2. I was thinking evening mist or Grecian white? Which one would you prefer.

    3. Does evening mist have a pink undertone?

    • Plascon says:

      Hi Wendy

      Thanks for reaching out to us. We have passed your query on to our colour experts at the Spaces Showroom, who should be in contact with your shortly.

      Kind regards

  7. Hamie says:


    I have a studio at home where I do some photo shoots from time to time. The room has three windows in the middle of it but the room is north-oriented so no direct sun during the day. I would like to find a white finish for the walls in the cashmere matt finish but I’m not sure which tint or shade of white to use in order to make the most of natural light but also convenient for the photo shoots. Would you have any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    • Plascon says:

      Hi there

      Thanks for reaching out to us. We have passed your query on to our colour experts who should get back to you shortly and contact you on the email address provided 🙂

      Kind regards

  8. Claire Mill says:

    Hi, I am repainting the interior of my home. I want to go “light”, preferably a shade of white, but with absolutely no yellow, grey or pink undertones! Please recommend a suitable colour.

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