Plascon’s Colour of the Month for May – Tangerine Tango

Anne Roselt
Anne Roselt
, Plascon Colour Manager

Tangerine TangoWhy is orange on trend right now?

We’ve emerged from a period of global recession and are still faced with shifting and uncertain economics in Europe. Tangerine is the mental and emotional antidote to depressing social and political circumstances, as it is warm, optimistic and energetic – the perfect pick-me-up when times are tough. It hasn’t been seen or used in fashion or home for a while, so has a surprising freshness, which relates to the proliferation of pop-up stores and pop-up restaurants, where people can experience new and unpremeditated delight in the unexpected.

Tangerine Tango RoomHow to use bright orange in your home:

  • Tangerine is, so is ideal for rooms where you and your guests will socialize, such as an entrance hall, living area, dining room and kitchen.
  • It is a powerful colour and can be overwhelming, so consider using it sparingly, as a feature wall colour.
  • You can also break up the orange by incorporating it into a pattern of stripes of colours that work well with it, such as white, purple, or blue.
  • It is great when used to pep up a tired piece of furniture.

To find out if you’re an “orange person” at heart, visit
Anne Roselt’s Colour of the Month column on Plascon Spaces.

Inspiration Session – Tangerine Tango


We have also put together this little Inspiration Session featuring some tangerine-themed interiors we admire. Enjoy!

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