Our Recycled, DIY Christmas Tree is Here!

Zurita Moore
Zurita Moore
, Plascon Trends Editor

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-laaa la-la-la-laaa

Honestly, I wasn’t so jolly during this little DIY project – at least not at first. I had several ideas in mind, but as you know, sometimes those ideas just do not work out in practice.


I used Cashmere in the colour Westerly B3-C2-1. Remember, that if you want to use it regularly, make sure that you prepare and prime the wood properly before you paint the top coat.

I started off thinking that I would use an old ladder as the base of the Christmas tree, paint it in a beautiful blue, give it a bit of an aged look for an informal feel, and adorn it with pine cones that I had painted, dipped and sprayed. Each individual component looked dandy, but putting it all together did not go as planned and I had to give up on the idea after a few days. That said, I’m still really happy with how the ladder turned out and I’m going to use it in my guest bathroom.

Recycled Christmas trees with handmade ornaments are a big trend this season. What I love about them is that you can make them as individual as you like.

The trick is to find items that you love in-and-around your house and use them as ornaments. I have no shortage of cones, as they fall into my garden from my neighbour’s tree, so at any given time there are a few lying around. I painted them, dipped them in paint and sprayed them (see below).



For the cones, I used a variety of colours in both Double Velvet and Cashmere. I also had some gold Aerolak left over (this product is no longer on the market). The blue is Azurbeen B1-C1-4, the pink/nude is You’re my Sweetie Y6-C1-4, the white is Cloud White VEL30, and the Green is Yuma Gold Y6-C1-4 — see the colour swatches at the end of the post.

The great thing about doing this is that I’m using all my leftover tester pots from the year.

Seeing that my initial idea did not work out, I looked in my have-it-all drawer (we all have one of those) and saw that I have all the corks from my bubbly bottles. I never throw them away, as I connect a memory to each one, so I decided to make use of them as ornaments for the new tree.


I just dipped and painted them at random. I used normal rope (as thin or as thick as you prefer) and stuck it in the cork with a little pin. It is easy to tie them onto a branch of the tree.



The recycled tree kind of fell into my lap… I have a big aloe in my front garden and it bloomed for quite some time. I could not reach the dried branches at the top after the flowers died, but luckily after a heavy downpour a week or two ago the top bit came off and landed in front of my front door.

So, finally, I could put it together. It is very whimsical with the little fairy lights, but I absolutely love it.


The fairy lights are from Typo. I bought them some time ago, but you still should be able to get them in most stores.

There is one more thing outstanding on this tree (and that is why we are not showing you the whole tree) – the star at the top.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account (@Plasconspaces) where we will post the finished product with the final element.

If you have not as yet put up your Christmas tree, I really urge you to try making your own. It was so much fun, and the whole family can participate. As an added bonus you will be completely on trend.

Plascon Colour Swatches


(All images courtesy of Zurita Moore)

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