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Plascon Trends celebrates its 4th birthday this year and has much to celebrate! Like one’s memory highlights on Facebook, we thought we would share our top highlights and most popular posts that have featured on this website to date. We hope you find the following both inspirational and enjoyable!

Plascon Architectural Greys: Colour Inspiration

We are all about colour inspiration here at Plascon, and no other post received as much inspiration as our architectural greys!

“Apparently, grey is still one of people’s favourite colours with which to decorate their abode, and because of its popularity it should come as no surprise to you that Plascon has over 56 shades of grey for you to pick from!”

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Top Trends - Plascon Architectural Greys, Image Source:

Plascon Architectural Greys, Image Source:

Neutral Paint Colours: Contemporary, Cosy & Classic Neutrals

Neutral paint colours have been on trend since the discovery of home décor, and for good reason. Plascon’s own Colour Manager, Anne Roselt, tells us why:

“Neutral paint colours and neutral shades are extremely popular in fashion and interiors at the moment. Their popularity is due to the fact they are so easy to live with. They help create a relaxed atmosphere, yet their versatility allows you to create spaces that are contemporary, classic or cosy. The fact that they never really go out of fashion only adds to their appeal.”

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Top Trends - Plascon Paint Neutrals Palette (Image Source: Plascon Spaces Magazine)

Plascon Paint Neutrals Palette (Image Source: Plascon Spaces Magazine)

Plascon Colour of the Month: November Grey

Due to the popularity of Plascon Greys, we awarded grey as the Plascon Colour of the Month back in November 2012.

“Grey is one of those colours that’s being talked about at the moment in design circles. If you are one of our readers who love this shade, then we have a host of ideas for incorporating it into your space because unlike in life, grey areas in decor are gorgeous”

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Getting Comfortable with Greige Paint

Greige paint became a Trends hit in April 2015 and has remained a favourite for many since. Anne Roselt has more:

“It’s no secret that I adore colour, but I also appreciate that not all neutrals are dull and boring; they can in fact be friendly, stylish and sophisticated. There are classic neutrals, contemporary neutrals, warm neutrals and cool neutrals – all in different shades and with different appeal. One of the neutrals which is gaining momentum is greige, defined as “a colour between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe; unfinished; not fully processed; neither bleached nor dyed.”

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Top Trends - Greige Paint Inspiration, Image Source:

Greige Paint Inspiration, Image Source:

Tracy Lee Lynch Talking Tapestry Trends

Plascon Trend Talk was started in 2012 as an industry gathering where key presenters reveal the latest design and décor trends, by sharing visuals, provocative ideas and thoughts on the lifestyle shifts that will touch us. Stylist expert Tracy Lynch talked to us about the increasing popularity of tapestry trends.

“Athi-Patra Ruga was born in Umtata, South Africa in 1984. He lives and works in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. His work is the exploration of the border-zones between fashion, performance and contemporary art; he makes work that exposes and subverts the body in relation to structure, ideology and politics.”

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Top Trends - Athi Patra Tapestry

Athi Patra Tapestry

Upcycling: Ideas for the Home & Garden

We’ve featured a lot of upcycling ideas here that are both practical and easy to do! The following was particularly popular.

“I have seen so many uses for old suitcases as garden planters, coffee tables and display cabinets, etc… But I really liked the idea of sawing up and mounting them onto a wall to function as display shelves; a slightly more novel idea, don’t you think?”

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Top Trends - Upcycled Home Ideas, Image Source

Upcycled Home Ideas, Image Source

Plascon Colour Forecast

The Plascon Colour Forecast has always been eagerly awaited and followed, and 2016 was no different!

“This year’s forecast is all about looking to the future with optimism. With four themes that each tell a different story about colour in our lives, there’s a world of inspiration to explore for your own living spaces.”

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 cover, Image Source: Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 cover, Image Source: Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast

And that’s a wrap of the most popular Plascon Trends posts to date! We hope you are feeling both inspired and excited about the colourful year to come.

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