Upcycling: Ideas for the Home and Garden
catherine-bowen-small-8053631, 1626264032 Catherine Bowen, Plascon Trends Editor image-source-drivenbydecor-com_-5852775, 1626264033 Upcycled Home Ideas, Image Source drivenbydecor.com So a new year, a new start? That doesn’t necessarily mean out with the old and in with the new… Today we’re looking at a few a simple ideas on how you can upcycle disused odds & sods into statement home and garden decor items…

Upcycling Ideas for the Home & Garden

I have seen so many uses for old suitcases as garden planters, coffee tables and display cabinets, etc… But I really liked the idea of sawing up and mounting them onto a wall to function as display shelves; a slightly more novel idea, don’t you think? book-page-table-runner-upcycle-image-source-pinterest-comhipcycle-3725627, 1626264033 Upcylcled Book Page Table Runner, Image Source pinterest.com/hipcycle/ There are also a thousand different uses for old books. If you Google “upcycle old books” you will quite literally find yourself spoiled for choice with articles on how to make use of them… But by far one of the simplest and most effective uses I found was this delicate table runner… Simply glue together your pages to the desired length and then use a paper punch to create a lace-effect edging… newspaper-wallpaper-upcylce-pinterest-comhipcycle-2158151, 1626264035 Upcycled Newspaper Wallpaper, Image Source pinterest.com/hipcycle/ upcylced-bathrooms-image-sources-pinterestcomphillhill-pinterestcomcraftyme73-1236261, 1626264036 Upcylced Bathroom Ideas, Image Sources pinterestcom/PhillHill/ & pinterest.com/craftyme73/ Then of course you might consider reusing old newspapers for wallpaper. If you can get your hands on stacks of old 70s ones, then it should lend a delightfully retro look and feel to a room. Personally, I think it’s an idea that works exceptionally well in bathroom spaces. Other ideas that work in bathroom spaces include re-purposing old bicycles into washstand features and old wooden baskets into hanging storage spaces… upcycled-shipping-pallet-creations-shipping-pallet-sofa-image-source-inhabitat-9540162, 1626264037 Upcycled Shipping Pallet Creations, Image Source inhabitat.com And if you can get your hands on old wooden shipping pallets, I found several novel and interesting ideas for DIY decor on inhabitat.com… (p.s. I’m sure one could also upcycle old scraps of material to create a patchwork cushion – much like the one featured in the picture above). blog-gessat-3925488, 1626264037 Upcycled Lighting Ideas, Image Source blog.gessat.com upcylced-plastic-chandelier-image-source-pinterestcomkelmom25boys-kinneyalli-5995435, 1626264039 Upcylced Plastic Chandelier & Globe Shades, Image Source pinterest.com/kelmom25boys/ & pinterest.com/kinneyalli/ I loved the upcycling of old glass bottles into animal lamps, which would of course be ideal for children’s bedrooms but work just as well in modern work-spaces… I also really enjoy the playful, reclaimed plastic chandelier above… What a statement piece for the hallway of a modern home. Alternatively, perhaps the globe lamps are more appealing to a mid-century decor lover… 275212227200754268_kymg7lb4_c-6917103, 1626264041 Upcylced Gardening Ideas, Image Source dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com image-source-dishfunctionaldesigns-blogspot-6479317, 1626264043 Upcylced Gardening Ideas, Image Source dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com upcycling-garden-ideas-image-source-pinterest-3463766, 1626264044 Upcylced Gardening Ideas, Image Source dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com dishfunctionaldesigns-blogspot-1871410, 1626264045 Upcylced Gardening Ideas, Image Source dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com garden-upcycling-image-source-pinterest-comhipcycle-9424780, 1626264046 Upcylced Gardening Ideas, Image Source pinterest.com/hipcycle/ I found a myriad of different ideas for upcycling various household items into garden planters, which lend a delightfully eclectic and colourful mood to any garden. For more inspiration you might want to check out this post on Dishfunctional Designs 🙂 upccyle-glass-image-source-dailydanny-8414142, 1626264047 Upcylced Candle Holders, Image Source dailydanny.com And this may be one of my favourite ideas thus far, particularly because it’s the perfect use for leftover Plascon paint… Collect an assortment of glass bottles with necks that will hold a standard sized white candle… Then tip the left over paint into the bottles and swivel it around thoroughly so that the sides get a thorough coating of paint before tipping out the excess paint. Once dried, voila! You have a lovely candle focal piece for your home… upcycle-paint-samples-image-source-pinterestcomphillhill-4607960, 1626264048 Upcycled Paint Samples, Image Source pinterest.com/PhillHill/ And last but not least, if you’ve recently decided to repaint your home, and in the process have collected a host of paint colour swatch cards, why not consider chopping these up into a pretty wall decoration like the one above? Happy upcycling folks!