Raw Pine Wood Design: Nordic Love of Pinewood Furniture
kim-bougaardt-small-9771245, 1626263586 Kim Bougaardt, Plascon Design Centre Blog Editor nordiclove-3996532, 1626263588 Nordic Love: kitchen designed by Jaani Vaahteraa for Isku (Image Source: nordicbliss.co.uk/blog/) If you like the look of raw, rustic and industrial-styled interiors with the warmth of wood, look no further than raw pine wood (also known as “pinewood”). This material used for furniture and décor has been around for ages, but this time round it gets a trendy overhaul and is left raw and untreated. Raw pine is bright, fresh and the material of choice to get the perfect blend of rustic and modern.

Raw Pine Wood Design

nordiclove1-3590615, 1626263589 Nordic Love: Raw pine is bright and fresh (Image Source: nordicbliss.co.uk/blog/) nordicbliss2-2938480, 1626263591 Nordic Love: Raw pine is bright and fresh (Image Source: trendey.com) Retail store designers around the world and locally have cottoned-on to the benefits of using pine in their designs – a nod to the Nordic minimalist, clean, inspired interiors. The simplicity and purity of pale pine – mixed with other natural materials like stone, linens or wools – will bring about a sense of timelessness and an organic feel to interiors. nordiclove14-1-7861383, 1626263592 Nordic Love: Mazzo in Amsterdam by Concrete Architectural Associates (www.concreteamsterdam.nl) fuses natural materials of concrete, steel and pinewood to get the perfect balance of an interior design that’s raw and honest (Image Source: retaildesignblog.net) nordiclove6-7240594, 1626263593 Nordic Love: La Bohème bar in Porto, Portugal, designed by AVA Architects (www.ava-architects.com) uses extensive pinewood to give both aesthetic and structural consistency to the space which unifies the bar’s three floors (Image Source: retaildesignblog.net) nordiclove13-1923471, 1626263594 Nordic Love: Tavernetta is an Italian restaurant in the Ukraine designed by Studio Belenko (www.belenko.com.ua). The look and feel is very traditional and low-tech, but is warm and atmospheric (Image Source: retaildesignblog.net) nordiclove17-5567117, 1626263596 Nordic Love: Puma stores in South Africa have also incorporated the pine ‘look’ into their designs (Image Source: puma.com) Walls and furnishings painted white and paired with untreated pine are calming and relaxing; while black and grey, contrasts and warms up the wood to give it a more cosy, modern and welcoming appeal. nordiclove16-5204550, 1626263596 Nordic Love (Image Source: bybjorkheim.com) nordiclove11-1-1733773, 1626263599 Nordic Love (Image Source: birchandbird.com) nordiclove8-6311769, 1626263601 Nordic Love (Image Source: mikiorganic.blogspot.com) nordiclove9-7504675, 1626263604 Nordic Love, Image Source: mikiorganic.blogspot.com For a quick upcycling project, why not update your old pine cupboards, beds, ceilings or rafters? Simply sand them down and give them that fresh Nordic appeal. untitled-4368421, 1626263606 Nordic Love (Image Source: trendey.com)