We’d like to introduce you to the contributors who will be posting on “everything you need to know to bring colour to your life”!

Contributors: Catherine Bowen

Catherine Bowen

There’s myself, Catherine Bowen (blog editor). I own Dress Sense (a boutique personal style consultancy, established in 2007) and love design; in particular clothing and fashion, but more generally the aesthetics of all beautiful design… And anyways fashion and interiors are easy bedfellows anyway ;) . I developed my instinctual eye for beautiful fabric and colour in the UK, where I absorbed the wealth of design and decor influences. I have worked as Brand Manager for KLûK CGDT (where Malcolm Kluk & Christiaan Du Toit instilled a love of carefully-curated and eclectic interiors) and Business Manager for art brand Tretchikoff Renaissance (where I revelled in the artist Vladimir Tretchikoff’s technicolor world). And I have had the careful mentorship of Robyn Cooke – a doyenne of the South African fashion industry and esteemed style blogger. Most importantly, I love bringing colour and trends into the worlds of those around me – it’s a joy that will never grow old, even in ten lifetimes – which is what I will be doing every Monday and Wednesday, in my posts.

Twitter Handle: @CatherineBowen

Contributors: Anne Roselt

Anne Roselt

Then we have none other than Plascon’s very own Colour Manager: Anne Roselt.  Anne will be contributing on a weekly basis to the Plascon Trends blog…  She is the driving force behind Plascon Spacesmagazine and website, she is also responsible for putting together The Plascon Colour Forecast every year.  Her background is as a decorative artist which “instilled a love and appreciation of colour” in her.  Anne has been a member of the panel of the International Colour Authority since 2001 (one of the oldest and most respected colour trend publications) and has been involved with Decorex since the event’s inception in South Africa.  Suffice to say if you  had to pick ten women in South Africa who really understand colour and decor, Anne Roselt would be amongst them…  Now you, our readers, have the opportunity to hear directly from Plascon’s resident Colour Expert every Friday.

Twitter Handle: @AnneRoselt

Contributors: Kim Bougaardt

Kim Bougaardt

Thirdly, we have Kim Bougaardt, who has (over the last year and a half) made a name for herself as one of the best design and decor bloggers in SA… She writes for our sister blog the “Plascon Design Centre” and I’ve spent many an hour pouring over the beautiful posts she’s created in this capacity. By her own admission she’s a colour junkie, but she also has a decor stylist’s background and her two loves in life are: decor and people. We look forward to Kim bringing a little bit of her “Kim Magic” and love of colour and life to our blog! Look out for her posts every Tuesday.

Contributors: Galen Schultz

Galen Schultz

Fourthly, we have guest contributor Galen Schultz who will be posting on a bi-monthly basis, every Thursday… Galen is the writer behind one of South Africa’s most popular blogs (as in one of the Top Ten blogs in SA), Witness This. Galen, in his own words, is an online geek and web addict, interested in anything to do with humanly beneficial technologies and the web 2.0 phenomenon. He studied Journalism and Media at Rhodes University, specialising in broadcast (radio), new media (multimedia) and design and spends his free time blogging, writing, gaming and producing videos. He has worked as a design sub-editor, technology columnist and multimedia journalist and is currently a freelance online publisher & marketer. Be sure to keep an eye out for his posts which we are sure will offer a uniquely different insight and perspective into the world of design and decor!

Twitter Handle: @GalenSchultz

Contributors: Lauren Shantall

Lauren Shantall

Another monthly guest contributor to the blog will be Lauren Shantall. Lauren is the founder and organiser of trend talk and also a director of the design-led charity Rock Girl SA. She also sits on the advisory committee for the proposed Museum of Design, Innovation, Leadership and Art (MoDILA) and is currently employed as the PR, Communications and Social Media Manager for Plascon Paint South Africa. Her previous role was as Head of the Freeworld Design Centre. Clearly, this is a lady with a finger on the pulse of all things interesting and innovative in the world of design… Lauren will be posting once a month for the blog.

Twitter Handle: @Plascon

Contributors: Claire Bond

Claire Bond, Brand Ambassador Plascon Living Concepts

Lastly, we have contributor Claire Bond – Brand Ambassador of the Plascon Space Showroom. Claire’s been involved in colour for 25 years and her first love is restoration (discovered after an Italian holiday with her mother). Her career in decor began in the 80s with her business called “Fantasy Finishes”; thereafter in the 90s she worked for Garden & Home magazine facilitating workshops on paint effects, as well as working with photographer Julia Lloyd and was offered her first paint workshops in Zambia (on behalf of Plascon). These snow-balled into more workshops and hotel projects – you are most likely to have seen her work in the renovation of the Rosebank Mall JHB (90s), Gallagher Estate, Standard bank corporate offices and many, many farmhouses dotted around South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique and Lesotho. Since returning to Joburg, she has been using her solid experience in paint & colour and position within Plascon LIVING CONCEPTS Showroom to make for the perfect daily combination of creativity and business. Under Claire’s leadership, The Living Concepts Showroom has won several awards, most importantly Special Star SACSC’s award for Retailer of The Year and Service Excellence. She is a regular guest speaker at Decorex and Grand Designs on colour and paint demonstrations, as well as a regular guest of DSTV’s Home Channel where she offers advice on paint and trends. And now she will be the guest of Plascon Trends on a monthly basis!

Twitter Handle: @PlasconSpacesDQ

We hope that you will enjoy the reading and that you will be returning every day for everything you need to know to bring colour to your life!

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  1. I love colour and am a colour junkie. I love what Plascon does, I decorate with Plascon all the time. Need to attend the workshops as this is clearly what I love. Thank you to you guys

  2. I have a company in the United Arab Emirates and I want to buy some paint! Do you have any shop in my country? If you don’t have one, can I buy just a catalogue of dicoramotive inside roof and wall paper and wall paint?


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