Wooden Design & Decor: New Ways with Wood

Chantel HansChantel Hans, Plascon Trends Contributor

Gone are the days when wood was reminiscent of an era of opulence and craftsmanship; the reign of men, heavy oak ball and claw furniture with innate carvings; magnificent merchant ships with precious cargo and notorious pirates. Wooden design and decor is back in fashion!

Wooden Cupcake

Image Source: bestsoylatte.blogspot.com

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Inspiring Graffiti: Tag – You’re It!

Kim Bougaardt
Kim Bougaardt
, Freeworld Design Centre Blog Editor

Apartment in Copenhagen Sankt Hans Torv, Image Source tapet-cafe.dkblog

Love it or hate it, Graffiti is making its mark in the world of décor in a big way.  Personally if the message is witty, clever and causes one to question, start a healthy debate, and is done with consent (from the owner); then I’m a fan of the free-thinking-spray-painting-artists whose talents are often misunderstood. Graffiti as art has come a long way over the years, and finally street style in all its visually pleasing forms is getting the recognition it rightly deserves.

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Trend Talk #2: Laureen Rossouw & her visual diary of Milan 2012

Catherine Bowen small
Catherine Bowen
, Plascon Trends Editor


Plascon Trends Colour Inspiration from Elle Deco’s Laureen Rossouw

Laureen Rossouw Milan Colour Inspiration

Stephen Burkes for Kvadrat

Being the end of the week and the start of a new month, we thought we’d offer you some colour inspiration from none other than Laureen Rossouw, Editor of Elle Decoration. Laureen traveled to Milan earlier this year and this is a taste of her visual diary from the trip, presented at Trend Talk #2: the present sense in Cape Town earlier this month.

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