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As a paint company with a proud heritage, the person filling the role of Colour Manger at Plascon would have to be a fairly impressive figure. And that’s probably the best way to describe Anne Roselt, “fairly impressive”. We’d like you to meet our resident colour expert and learn a bit about the woman who drives Plascon Spaces and who puts together the Plascon Colour Forecast every year.

“My experience as a decorative artist instilled a love and appreciation of colour. On joining the biggest paint company in South Africa – Plascon in 1999, I was involved in the launch of the first ever Plascon Colour forecast.

To grow my understanding of colour I did a diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interiors. In 2001 I was invited to join the panel of the International Colour Authority. Based in London, the ICA is one of the oldest and most respected colour trend publications.

The Plascon Colour Forecast – consisting of 32 colours – is launched annually and is a reflection of international as well as local colour trends. The forecast in endorsed by the ICA. In addition to selecting colours for the Colour Forecast, I also do special colour collections for brands, consumers and retailers.

I started the first colour magazine now published by New Media called Plascon Spaces. The 96 page inspirational decor magazine covers everything from colour trends to beautful interiors, step-by-steps and makeovers. I write the Colour of the Month for the Plascon Spaces newsletter and commissioned the website.

I have been involved with Decorex since it started in South Africa and initiated Plascons sponsorship of the event. My involvement includes organising the Plascon stand, coming up with ideas, briefing designers, ensuring outstanding quality and a visual experience for vsitors. I am also involved in paint workshops and seminars – having given both paint-effect classes and talks on colour and colour therapy.

I started the Plascon Colour Awards in South Africa – now called the Prism Awards – to find, showcase and reward young design talent in South Africa.

I also started National Colour Day in South Africa – an initiative to make people think about colour for a day and to try and bring some colour into the lives of the less fortunate. Plascon teams have painted hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes and challenged other companies to get involved.”

23 thoughts on “Our Colour Expert

  1. Hi Anne,
    I work with AkzoNobel India as Colour Manager. Which is the best institute to do Colour therapeutics in Interiors. I live in India, so a online course will be better, can you please suggest.

    • Hi Kaishma, so lovely to hear from India. I did my diploma correspondence through Suzi Chiazzari in the UK many years ago. You can contact her at . Best of luck. Anne

  2. Hi there , please can i ask for some help. I have moved into a house that has a red roof, and blue/grey walls. I don’t want to change the colour of the roof, due to cost. What colour’s would go with it?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  3. hi Clyde
    We’d be happy to help! Please email a pic of your house to and we will try and suggest some options for you. The following colours look good with a red roof: soft beige and pale thyme (gray-green). But it is very hard to say without having seen your property first ;-) .

  4. Hi.. I’ll be getting married soon & my fiancée & I have decided on a modern/grey theme 4 our bedroom… We chose color Mineral Haze 1… Could you help with a few decor ideas?

  5. hi
    ooh how exciting, setting up your home! and congrats on your upcoming wedding! please will you mail a pic of your home to and it will be easier to give suggestions. otherwise, grey can be very peaceful in the bedroom. it looks good with white, neutrals and beige (“greige”) for accent colours, linen ,etc. if you would like it to be very contemporary, you can also bring a deep charcoal grey for a bed headboard, or skirting. if you would like to be daring, then consider bringing in a bold yellow or fuscia for a real pop of colour! a lovely idea for a bedroom is to paint a headboard behind your bed in a different colour to the wall, for a cheap but striking look. the other good trick is to paint the wall behind the bed a deeper colour than the rest of the room, it kind of cocoons the bed, makes you feel safer and special, and gives visual depth to the room. good luck and please post some pics of your before n after on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PlasconSA as I am sure everyone would love to see your project!

  6. Hi, I love the red colour and have just bought a red upholstered headboard. What colour should I paint my walls?

  7. Hi Mimi, red is always a good colour choice! Perhaps you could send a photo of your room to and that would make it easier to give suggestions?

  8. I need help choosing my paint for my new house. Can I contact any expert at Plascon?

  9. Ek wil een groot pot in my tuin verf. Dit staan op grys klippies. Ek het gedink aan iets roois. Help asb met ‘n kleur wat geen pienk ondertoon het nie.

  10. Hi Anne

    I am desperately trying to obtain a blue that approximates the morroccan majorrelle blue – so distinctive of bith the colour palettes of Mexico and Morrocco. I am wanting to paint a feature wall in my garden over my pool that has cobalt blue mosaic tiles. Can you help – absolutely desperate!!!!



  11. Hi Gita, thank you for your comment.

    Majorelle Blue is a cobalt blue and the closet colour we have to it is Deep Sea Reef (B7-B1-1).

    You could also try Hadeda in Johannesburg, they may have the actual colour.

    Happy painting!

  12. Hello Anne

    I am looking for colour ideas to paint the exterior of my house. The roof is quite a bright red. Where I live, we have red sand which stains when wet so light colours are not an option. I don’t like green so that’s not an option. I kind of like the idea of dark grey features/trims with lighter grey walls. I have also looked at some houses with shades of browns/sands. My house is a long rectangular shape so it doesnt look like your average house. What do you think would look good?

  13. Hi, I would like to find a dark grey/charcoal paint, with no blue undertone, for my garage door. Also I have a huge teak 4poster bed that is varnished with a dark tint. I am thinking of painting it a ‘antique’ off white color. Any suggestions?thanks

    • Hi Linda. Rhine Castle (GR-Y10), Berlin Block (GR-B09), Ivory Barnacle (GR-G08) and Ibiza Bay (GR-Y14) are great dark grey/charcoal colours. As for an antique/off white colour, we would suggest using Evasive white (Y4-E2-3) or Fresh Linen (Y3-E2-3). Hope this helps :)

  14. PLEASE can you help me, I love the colour charcoal and want to paint my garden walls. Am I looking in the wrong place (grey), should I be looking at the blacks? Can you please suggest some colours, the darker the better! :-)

    • Hi Melinda,

      The colour I recommend is called ‘Matawa’ and is from the old Expressions range (not part of the inspired colour system). It is very dark, almost greeny black, not really charcoal as such, but great in the garden. You could also try ‘Sushi Wrap’ from the Architectural Greys collection – it is nearly black but has a lot of life in it. A hardware store should be able to mix these colours for you, just check first before you drive there. Bovine (E29-6) can also be good.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regards,

  15. Hi. Looking for some colour ideas for my lounge. The floors are Beach Laminated wood. The ceiling at the moment is in Notty Pine (yuk) which we are planning on changing soon. Our Lounge furniture is Chocolate Brown. What colour can we use on the walls? I am sick of white ….

    • Hi Charmaine, I would suggest you paint your ceilings white. This will update the entire look and feel of your room.

      Your earthy brown sofa will be the anchor of the room and I suggest you use bleached baobab on your walls for mood. Cognac cream is a super colour as well.

      Remember colour is all about light and in order to make a decision tester pots need to be purchased and the paint applied to the walls.

      Good luck and let us know what the room looks like once painting is complete!

    • It’s important to select a colour that suits the personality and style of the people living there. Any picture, rug or cushion you love?

      The first thing I would do is paint the knotty pine ceiling white. With only neutral colours to work with – on the warm side – I would stick to a warm neutral for the walls like Ivory Snow Y3-C3-3 or Veldrift Y2-D2-3.

      When working with neutrals be sure to add texture, silk, wool, sisal and some metallic copper or gold to add interest. Or you can paint a feature wall picking up on a colour you love from a painting, rug or cushion.

      ~ Anne


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