Colour Forecast

Plascon Colour Forecast 2018

Colour forecast 2018

Every year the Colour Forecast is put together to not only help us decode the myriad of colour trends, it is also here to help us make them relevant for use in our homes. Built from four colour stories, each story has its own personality and characteristics. Discover the latest colour trends and find the ones that are just right for you.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2017

In a multi-sensory world the role of colour in balancing our environment becomes ever more significant. Looking neither to the past nor the future for inspiration, in 2017 we find everything we need to inform us wholly in the present.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016

This year’s forecast is all about looking to the future with optimism. With four themes that each tell a different story about colour in our lives, there’s a world of inspiration to explore for your own living spaces.

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2015

2015 Colour Forecast
Anne Roselt and her team of colour experts work tirelessly all year round to put together the Colour Forecast each year, and it has to be said that this year’s forecast is something really special!

The Plascon 2015 Colour Forecast will feature in the trends issue of Plascon Spaces magazine, which will be on sale at Decorex and at your nearest stockist. So without further ado, the 2015 Forecast themes are…

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2014

Plascon’s yearly colour forecast presents a snapshot of what is happening in the worlds of design and interior decoration; it interprets the most relevant and contemporary colours into easy-to-use, inspiring palettes.

This year’s forecast was developed in conjunction with leading design and trend thinkers. After first drawing together key lifestyle, design and interior trends, the concept team then crystallised these in four key themes for 2014. These all fall under the overall forecast theme of Colour Nation – referring to the ways in which colour defines our identities, our world, and our experience of it.

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2013

Officially launched at Decorex SA this year, Plascon Trends was proud to be the first to give a sneak preview of the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast.

Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast

Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 – “Balance”

Colour trends are influenced by the mood of society; we are drawn to colours that reflect how we feel. When stressed, we are drawn to gentle blues, greens and neutral colours and when we need a bit of motivation and energy, we crave more energetic reds and oranges. Our uncertain and changing environment has us seeking some balance and harmony in our lives and this led to the forecast theme being called “Balance”.

The forecast consists of four palettes – Simplicity, Contrast, Pause and Dare. The colours in these palettes are designed to help you bring balance and harmony in your home.

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012When you express yourself with colour, the possibilities are endless. The Plascon Colour Forecast is inspired by the different ways that we bring colour into our lives and the different influences that we draw on to do so.

With an eye on global trends, and a mind for the local market, we explored a number of different colour trends. After filtering these down and distilling them to their ore, we developed four key directions for the coming year. These are expressed as four different themes – Memory, Expression, Mystery and Origins – running from bold brights to stripped back basics, and everything in between.

But it’s how you interpret these themes that counts. Colour is something to be enjoyed, and trends are broad brushstrokes on how to do that. Loving colour is about exploring and interpreting these themes into your life. This Palette is here to inform and inspire, and leave you excited. This is about the world both as it is, and how you want it to be.

Colour Forecast 2012: Memory palette

Links to the past are always evident in design, with the focus shifting from era to era. This year, the global eye has settled on the measured and stately aesthetic typical of the Georgian period. We see a considered use of soft pastels coming to the fore, but grounded by neutrals and darker tones. This theme is great for bringing a sophisticated sense of romance into a room and is complemented well by antiqued period pieces.

Elements: Fluid lines, sheer layers, antiqued finishes, soft pastels, delicate lace.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Colour Forecast 2012: Expression palette

The time for subtlety is over. With a number of different important events on the cards this year, a strong theme of celebration is making itself known. This comes through in patriotic, Union Jack inspired red, white and blue to tie in with the London Olympics. White is often the base for this theme, with bold, uncomplicated use of bright colour to make a statement.

Elements: White with brights, smooth and flat, crisp and defined, purposeful, abstract geometric patterns, colour blocking.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Colour Forecast 2012: Mystery palette

With a sophisticated yet nuanced feeling, our Mystery trend combines neutrals with highlights like rich plums to give an enticing sense of depth. Furniture with clean, uncomplicated lines complements this colour direction, and we’re seeing graphics take their cues from sumptuous organic prints. This is a theme of contrasts, playing with accent colours for maximum impact, while retaining an underlying simplicity.

Elements: Monochromatic with highlights, shaded plantscapes, high-contrast, deep texture, clean lines.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Colour Forecast 2012: Origins palette

Now more than ever, there is a strong desire to go back to basics. This is expressed in a love of raw textures, patterns and materials, from ethnic-inspired geometrics to unpretentious wooden furniture. Simplicity is important here, with stripped-back, yet bold décor expressions as key. Ochre yellows and light wood-inspired browns give an earthy base note to the theme, moving into light neutrals and blue-grey top notes.

Elements: Primitive, nature-inspired, feathers and hide, linens and cottons, monochromatic, true to origin.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012