Plascon SPACES Magazine – 2017 Colour Forecast Issue

In a multi-sensory world the role of colour in balancing our environment becomes ever more significant. Looking neither to the past nor the future for inspiration, in 2017 we find everything we need to inform us wholly in the present.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016

The 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast continues a tradition started in 1999 when we launched our first Forecast – a pioneering publication in the South African market. The 2016 Forecast expresses key directions in colour trends across four themes. These each take the form of a colour palette and décor direction, encompassing not just what the theme looks like, but also the mood and energy evoked by each one.

Plascon Essential Collection

We often get feedback from our consumers and readers wanting to spruce up their lounge or kitchen and give it a new lease on life, but having no idea where to start. This was precisely the motivation behind the Essential Collection complied by Plascon’s Colour Manager, Anne Roselt. The collection is comprised of 108 classic colours that she knows are the preferred choices of paint professionals, and just as our annual Colour Forecasts are divided into themes to make choosing your favourite colour easier, so too is this collection. It has been divided into 9 themes, each with its own distinct mood. It couldn’t be simpler to choose how to transform your home into your dream space!

Plascon Spaces Showroom

Colour plays an essential role in how we feel and express ourselves. Enabling consumers and professionals to find their perfect colours and create spaces that reflect their individual personalities, has always been paramount for Plascon.

Plascon 2014 Launch (13 June 2014)

Cape Town International Convention Centre hosted the 2014 launch. This year’s event introduced great tools that make it easier than ever to visualise colour in your space, as well as innovate new Plascon technology.

Plascon’s Purpose – An Essay on Colour

Colour is universal, fundamental, emotional; it connects us and defines our world. It makes us feel at home and takes us to new places. The right product can make any space beautiful. Because of this, we have a powerful purpose – to inspire and enable change; to unlock creativity and enthusiasm. Providing the right products, tools and guidance; helping people transform ordinary spaces into authentic ones. We believe in inspiration. We are driven by passion. We never compromise on quality. We live by authenticity.

Change It. Love It.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2014

The Plascon Colour Forecast 2014 was developed in conjunction with leading design and trend thinkers. After first drawing together key lifestyle, design and interior trends, the concept team then crystallised these in four key themes for 2014. These all fall under the overall forecast theme of Colour Nation – referring to the ways in which colour defines our identities, our world, and our experience of it.

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Plascon Colour Forecast 2013

Colour trends are influenced by the mood of society; we are drawn to colours that reflect how we feel. When stressed, we are drawn to gentle blues, greens and neutral colours and when we need a bit of motivation and energy, we crave more energetic reds and oranges. Our uncertain and changing environment has us seeking some balance and harmony in our lives and this led to the forecast theme being called “Balance”.

The Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 consists of four palettes — Simplicity, Contrast, Pause and Dare. The colours in these palettes are designed to help you bring balance and harmony in your home.

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Twenty Plascon Colours to Love

Plascon, South Africa’s powerhouse of paint and colour, Builders Express, Builders Trade Depot and Builders Warehouse – the favourite home mega stores to millions of DIY South Africans, have joined forces to give you a collection of must-have colours for now. These 20 colours are available exclusively at Builders Express, Builders Trade Depot and Builders Warehouse and they can be mixed for you in Plascon’s all-time favourite brands.

Plascon Spaces – Abigail House

One of our favourite Plascon videos. Come with us behind the scenes as we capture a home shoot of award-winning foodie, Abigail Donnelly, her family and their awe-inspiring home. The Abigail house was featured in the 2nd issue of Plascon Spaces magazine but continues to inspire lovers of colour and home décor. Issue 7 of Plascon Spaces is now available for R19.95. Visit Plascon Spaces for more info.

About Abigail Donnelly:

Well-known food lover and respected gourmand Abigail Donnelly is the editor of Woolworths Taste magazine and the Eat Out restaurant guide. Her accolades include winning the Galliova Award for best food writer several times over.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012 Eps.1 – Capturing a Feeling

Trend analysts and colour experts talk about the 2012 Plascon Colour Forecast. They explain how it is about capturing a feeling, educating and inspiring others and describe what colour means to them.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2012 Eps.2 – Designing Spaces

Colour is important when designing any interior or exterior space. Colour has the power to affect our moods and emotions. Colour has an influence over the nature and the feeling of an environment. See how three top Durban designers interpreted the 2012 Plascon Colour Forecast on the Plascon stand at Decorex Durban, and get their views on contemporary colour directions.

Plascon Spaces Timelapse – One Room 4 Looks

A behind-the-scenes timelapse of the “One Room 4 Looks” shoot for the latest Summer issue of Plascon Spaces magazine.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #13 – Ruby Red

We’re sticking with gemstone inspiration this month, as featured in the latest issue of Plascon Spaces Magazine. As the winter chill sets in, what better gem to get inspiration from than the ruby. The ruby is said to balance the heart, help build self-esteem and confidence, and boost our energy levels.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #12 – Emerald Green

Since being named colour of the year by Pantone we have seen Emerald green everywhere. As it is the birth stone of May we thought we would dedicate this month to this elegant, glamorous and very trendy jewel-like hue.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #11 – Gold Inspiration

From Lindt Easter bunnies to the lush embroidery on the new pope’s robes, this month is all about everyone’s favourite metallic shade. Gold is a colour of celebration and excitement – eliciting feelings of hope, abundance and giving any space an air of glamour and opulence.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #10 – Bird’s Egg Blue

Pale blue (or “Bird’s Egg Blue”) has been featured in many top fashion collections this season, including Giorgio Armani, Dior Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Temperley London and Valentino. Pale blue aquamarine is also the birthstone for March, making it the perfect colour to go crazy for this month.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #9 – Fuschia Fizz

Fuschia Fizz is the Plascon Spaces’ Colour of the Month for February! This is often the colour of choice by young teenagers for their bedrooms. But it is not limited to that, the energetic qualities of this colour can be used as an accent colour to a dining room, lounge, entrance, study or kitchen.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #8 – November Grey

Symbolically, greys represent strength, longevity and dependability. Regardless of whether it’s a grey that’s pale and whimsical or dark and foreboding, it will always be seen as colour that’s classic, sophisticated and contemplative.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #7 – October Pink

Born of the passion of red and the tranquility of white, pink has an ability to transform itself to suit a wide range of moods and styles. The gentle shades are suitable for soft and feminine spaces, whilst the bright pinks have many similar characteristics to red (youthful, uplifting & trendy)… And contrary to popular belief they are not exclusively geared for girls; fuchsia and magenta have become popular shades in men’s sporting equipment.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #6 – Trendy Teal

The ultimate combination of blue and green, teal makes for the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication when applied to both clothing and interiors. It’s why Plascon Spaces has made it the Colour of the Month for September in celebration of spring!

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #5 – Blue

Blue is the world’s favourite colour. It’s cool and comfortable and it inspires a sense of calm and confidence. And at the moment, we’re seeing it all over the place, from fashion to accessories to kitchenware.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #4 – Winter White

White is the colour of peace and purity. Its uncluttered simplicity will help cleanse your mind of worry and open it up to fresh ideas and creativity. This Inspiration Session showcases some white-themed interiors that we admire.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #3 – Red

Red is on trend! This Plascon Inspiration Session takes a look at the Colour of the Month for June and showcases some inspiration reds that we admire.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #2 – Tangerine Tango

This Plascon Inspiration Session takes a look at Tangerine Tango – the Colour of the Month for May and showcases some tangerine-themed interiors we admire.

Plascon Colour Inspiration Session #1 – Purple

Need some inspiration? This Plascon Inspiration Session takes a look at the Colour of the Month (April) and showcases some purple-themed interiors we admire.

Art From Mess Plascon Videos

This is the time lapse video for our second Plascon ‘Art From Mess’ shoot. Visit our Facebook page to watch the live screenings of our artist creating pictures with messy stuff like jam, mayo and tomato sauce, on a wall painted with Plascon Double Velvet.

For our 3rd Art From Mess shoot, we decided to commemorate Youth Day. Our artist created this masterpiece using lentils, washing powder, Bovril, charcoal, tomato sauce and mustard. We were able to wipe it all clean once he was done, thanks to stain resistant Double Velvet.

For our 4th Art From Mess shoot, Michelle Obama had just paid her first visit to South Africa. We asked our artist to create a masterpiece using messy items like charcoal and tomato sauce to commemorate her trip. We were able to wipe it all clean once he was done, thanks to stain resistant Double Velvet.

Our 5th Art From Mess artwork was based on a news article about the taxi drivers that are planning on starting a low cost airline. The artist ‘painted’ this masterpiece with flour, mustard, Bovril and Surf. Thanks to stain resistant Double Velvet, we were able to wipe it all clean when we were done.

Plascon Specialised Painting Techniques Workshop

Decorative Artist, Laettitia Viljoen, shares her knowledge on how to work with paint through different decorative paint techniques at a workshop sponsored by Plascon in Kitwe, Zambia. Participants were shown how to beautify and increase the value of furniture and walls through various, specialised painting techniques. News report by ZMBC Focus.

Plascon Double Velvet – Volcano

Plascon Double Velvet Advert – an old classic.