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* Download free Warren Lewis artworks at the end of this post!

Warren Lewis “Got Lewis” Mixed Medium on Cardboard

As a consultant and owner of my own small business, working for a company like Plascon with a legacy spanning 125 years, is to say the least an eye-opener…  Most importantly it’s an eye-opener to see how this company steeped in history is innovating and doing business in a radically different 21st century marketing landscape, with an entirely new breed of consumer from the ones they first sold to. In this landscape no company can afford to be without a digital offering; today we’re celebrating the launch of ours right here on this blog! And as part of this offering you, the reader, are able to download six free commissioned artworks from this site…

“Mirroring the impact that digital has had on media consumption, rather than only reading, listening or viewing media, consumers now reshape, visualise and socialise it. In light of this, we are encouraging the public to download Warren Lewis’s artwork and use it as they see fit – whether used as a screensaver, blown up and wall mounted or printed as wrapping paper.” explains Lauren Shantall – Plascon’s PR and Social Media Manager.

Warren Lewis “@merica” Acrylic on Canvas

Warren Lewis “Get Rich or Die Trying” Mixed Medium on Canvas

Our first commissioned artist is South African, London-based, Warren Lewis. Twitter accounts and expensive watches. Fame, PopStars and Gang Graffiti. These are just a few of the things that have inspired the ever-changing styles, mediums and messages concocted by Lewis over the last few years and results in work that demands your attention.

His heavily-labored canvases are filled with popular culture references and challenge the viewer to make connections between seemingly unrelated content. His street installations, constructed from found materials, are equally so as they engage the public in an abstract dialogue of opposing ideas and testing statements (these are dotted all around London if you’re paying attention). Warren Lewis is not bound to any specific medium; he can be inventive in how he communicates with the public.

Warren Lewis “Call The Cops” Pen on Toast, London.

Warren Lewis “Untitled” Cardboard Cut-out, London.

Lewis had his first solo exhibition, My Name Is, in Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery and had artworks entitled “Bieber is my cousin”, “Recruit Looters/Shoot a Viral” and “Shoeyork.” The #GiveAwayGang (a Twitter project Lewis is responsible for) sees an original painting being created and given away to someone on Twitter, every day. Since November 2011, more than 100 people have received an original Lewis painting in the mail, including Spike Lee’s son Jackson Lewis Lee and rap phenomenon Lil B. His artworks have already spread to 12 different countries and 45 different cities around the globe.

Warren Lewis “The Cheese Stands Alone” Mixed Medium on Cardboard.

“The small collection of works is based on the simple idea of ‘play’,” says Lewis. “As a painter, I am producing new work and constantly experimenting with different techniques and materials in order to discover new tricks – new ways to express a thought, a feeling, an idea.”

For more information on Warren Lewis visit www.likelewis.com and www.klerkxartagency.com or follow him on twitter @LikeLewis

Click on any of the free artworks by Warren Lewis in the gallery below to open it full size; right-click on the image and select “Save Image As”

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    […] can download your very own Warren Lewis artwork to use however you want as well, there are 5 of them in total, so go […]

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    […] can download your very own Warren Lewis artwork to use however you want as well, there are 5 of them in total, so go […]

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