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Kansai Plascon Supports World Aids Day 2015
Zero Stigma, Zero Discrimination

ZERO STIGMA Zero Discrimination Banner

World Aids Day is commemorated each year on the 1st December and is an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for the people living with HIV and remember those who have died.

The UNAIDS World AIDS Day theme for 2011 to 2015 is “Getting to Zero”. This year, South Africa will focus on ZERO DISCRIMINATION, without losing sight of the other ‘zeroes’: zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS related deaths. We call on all South Africans to join our Zero Stigma, Zero Discrimination campaign for World AIDS Day 2015.

In support of World Aids Day 2015, Kansai Plascon has pledged their commitment to changing attitudes – Zero Stigma, Zero Discrimination – and has issued all personnel with pocket HIV posters that have all the important information that we need to know – for us and our families who may be affected by this disease.

Kansai Plascon a Value Adding Supplier with Level 3 B-BBEE Status

Kansai Plascon CEO - Nauman Malik

Kansai Plascon CEO – Nauman Malik

We, Kansai Plascon, have achieved one of our best B-BBEE ratings to date and are recognised as a Value Adding Supplier. Our B-BBEE procurement recognition level has increased from 110% to 137.5%, which is higher than that of a non-value adding level 1 status supplier. So, when tendering for projects, our combined B-BBEE status and Value Adding Supplier position effectively make Kansai Plascon the preferred procurement choice.

Our B-BBEE status now stands at level 3, as of September 2014, having increased from level 4 in 2013. With a score of 80.27 points, this rating cements our position as the coatings industry market leader.

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Plascon Trade Gauteng lends a hand at the Phola Park Clinic during Plascon National Colour Week 2014

NCW2014 Tokoza -We Care

The maternity section of Phola Park Clinic (Mzimkhulu Street, Tokoza) was in desperate need of rejuvenation and they asked for assistance from the Plascon Trade Team – Gauteng. Coinciding with Plascon’s National Colour Week, we were thrilled at the opportunity to help bring some colour into the lives of others.

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Expresso Show: The Randfontein Secondary School Refurbishment with Plascon

Mandela Day 2014: Plascon sponsors the paint for a mural and hopscotch patch at the Sunray Primary School

Sunray Primary School mural

Sunray Primary School mural

Mandela Day insert Part 1

Mandela Day insert Part 2

A big thanks to all our sponsors who joined us with our Mandela Day celebrations at Sunray Primary School:

  • Sprite
  • Stodels
  • The Pole Yard
  • Toony Animation
  • Plascon
  • Seartec South Africa
  • Asia Construction
  • Premier Foods
  • Pacmar
  • Exclusive Books
  • Puddles The Clown
  • Can Skylark
  • Afrikaans Ruk

Kansai Plascon and Manchester United legend Quinton Fortune join hands to assist local secondary school

Manchester United Legend Quinton Fortune at Randfontein Secondary School

Manchester United Legend Quinton Fortune at Randfontein Secondary School

Kansai Paint, the global paint partner of Manchester United, is committed to supporting and improving education. As part of the company’s corporate social investment programme, four schools have been selected from the various areas around South Africa in which Kansai Plascon’s factories operate.

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Huise op Karoodorp word in tipiese styl geverf – Philipstown

Volksblad - Noord Kaap, 03 September 2013, p.4 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

Volksblad – Noord Kaap, 03 September 2013, p.4 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring) – Click to read

Beauty with a Purpose – Gaberone, Botswana

Miss Botswana, with help from Plascon and Builders Warehouse, refurbishes BWC offices and day-care centre

“The reigning Miss Botswana has embarked on her community project to be used prior to the Miss World pageant finals billed for September 28 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rosemary Keofitlhetse, who preferred to refurbish the dilapidated Botswana Council of Women (BCW) offices and the day-care centre in Gaberone on Saturday, said in an interview that she was delighted to be doing something that will benefit the less privileged community. Plascon and Builders Warehouse provided paints and material as well as labour for the work.”
(Daily Arts & Culture)

Daily Arts & Culture , Thursday August 22, 2013 No. 156

Daily Arts & Culture, Thursday August 22, 2013 No. 156

Destitute people benefit from Mandela Month – Mthatha, Eastern Cape

Mthat Fever, 26 July 2103, p.10 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

Mthatha Fever, 16 August 2103, p.7 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

Mandela Day at Kwa Wicks – Maclear, Eastern Cape

Mandela Day at Kwa Wicks, Barkley East Reporter, 26 July 2103, p.10

Mandela Day at Kwa Wicks, Barkly East Reporter, 26 July 2103, p.10 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

Mandela Day: “67 Minutes” with the FW De Klerk Foundation

Some of the FW de Klerk team, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch

Some of the FW de Klerk Foundation team in front of their freshly painted handy-work. Image Source: Mandela Day 2013

In keeping with this year’s theme of: “Take action; inspire change; make every day a Mandela Day”, staff of the FW de Klerk Foundation donated their 67 minutes to a community project in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch. The ATKV AbbAsorg project cares for more than 35 disadvantaged and vulnerable children – aged between three and six years – from the local community. The project provides the children with nutritious meals and promotes school-readiness by means of an educational pre-school programme. (Mandela Day 2013)

Seen above and below are the FW de Klerk Foundation team enlivening the walls of the ATKV AbbAsorg project room with paint donated by Plascon.

The FW de Klerk team, on the job in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch

The FW de Klerk team, on the job with Plascon products in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch. Image Source: Mandela Day 2013

Inter-Schools Rugby Tournament in Swaziland

TOP16 Tournament Banele Magagula - We Care

Banele Magagula of Dvokolwako High School – winner of the TOP16 Plascon Player of the Tournament award.

In a Plascon-sponsored rugby tournament between high schools in Swaziland, Banele Magagula came out tops to win the much-deserved TOP16 Plascon Player of the Tournament award. Banele schools at Dvokolwako High (Dokolwako were beaten in the final by Mananga College). Plascon will be delivering the paint to the school next week.

Plascon helps brightens lives at Hibberdene Children’s Home

From left are: Conker Exhibition's Liezel Bothman, designer Karen Haynes, board chairwoman Phillida Ellis, fundraiser Merle Brown, treasurer Molehe Molosioa, Spar's Karen Hatton-Jones, Plascon's Patrick Seager and the Victor Daitz Foundation's Megan Caminsky. Photograph by Terry Haywood

From left are: Conker Exhibition’s Liezel Bothman, designer Karen Haynes, board chairwoman Phillida Ellis, fundraiser Merle Brown, treasurer Molehe Molosioa, Spar’s Karen Hatton-Jones, Plascon’s Patrick Seager and the Victor Daitz Foundation’s Megan Caminsky. Photograph by Terry Haywood

Visitors nail their colours to children’s home mast
Article and images from: The Mercury (Second Edition), 22 July 2013, p.4
(Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

Thanks to growing support from donors, The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home continues to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, said Merle Brown, a fundraiser for the home. But this was not always the case, said worker Gerty Chiliza, who has been with the home since 1986. When she arrived it was run down. “I remember back then all we had was a pool. There were no swings for the children to enjoy and even the kitchen was painted a dull blue,” said Chiliza.

Although the home has raised R2 506 032 during three years, Brown, said it had not been an easy road. ‘At first people did not understand the value of a holiday for an underprivileged child and we battled to get donors, but it has been heartwarming to see the growth in support from donors,” she said. Thanks to the continued support of businesses such as Conker Exhibitions, Spar, Karen Haynes Design Consultants, Plascon, the Victor Daitz Foundation and many more fundraising initiatives, the home now boasts a colourful interior, a fully-equipped kitchen, jungle gyms and slides, making it a dream holiday getaway for any child. Plascon’s Patrick Seager said the motivation behind their donation was seeing how bleak the walls were. “We donated paint as we wanted the children to experience a stimulating environment with colour… And, we also believe paint will protect the building as it is close to the sea,” he said.

Haynes said seeing the faces of children when they came to the home was a pleasure. “I’ve been here to help when the children arrive and I love playing soccer with them and giving them ice cream, it’s my belief that it’s not about just giving money, but giving time too,” she said. The home’s manager, Bev Marais, said it had been an honour to be part of the work done by the donors for the home. “To receive you have to give, and it is thanks to the donors that we are still here. “We appreciate all the support they have given us,” she said. Members of The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Holiday Home board and donors visited the sanctuary last week.

Plascon adds Colour to the Steenberg High School Project in Cape Town

Steenberg High

Southern Mail, 31 July 2103, p.12 (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

“The start of the School Project was a great success. We painted the Staff room of Steenberg High School and it looks fantastic. Thank you to the Paint Academy team, who assisted with the prep work, and to the maintenance, visual, technical sales teams and many others for their assistance in the setup and preparations. And lastly, a special thank you to the volunteers who painted for hours on Friday.” – Gail Daniels, Plascon HR Specialist

Steenberg HSP_06

Nedbank and Plascon lend a Helping Hand at Itlhokomeleng Home for the Aged and Disabled (Alexandra, Gauteng)

Itlhokomeleng Home for the Aged

Daily Sun, 11 July 2013. Photo by Everson Luhanga (Source: Newsclip Electronic Delivery, Newsclip Media Monitoring)

These Nedbank staff members spent their 67 minutes for Madiba last week to make life better for old people. They teamed up with Plascon staff and locals to brighten up the Itlhokomeleng Home for the Aged and Disabled in Joburg’s Alexandra township. Nedbank regional director, Joshua Pule, said this was part of the build up to Mandela Day on 18 July. “We arranged activities for every Thursday this month to honour the wish of former president Nelson Mandela to dedicate 67 minutes to serving the needy,” he said. Joshua said they arranged activities for charities in the township and elsewhere.

Portfolio manager Ross Seripe said they planted vegetables, painted inside rooms, cooked, cleaned and bathed the elders. “Our ongoing community involvement has created sustainable programmes that allow both our staff and clients to contribute positively to communities in our country,” she said. Marjorie Manganye, director of the home, thanked the bank staff for making the home a better place. Community member Charles Mphephu said they joined in to help make the old folks happy.

Alexandra women, alarmed by the plight of pensioners, established Itlhokomeleng in 1978. The organisation takes care of old people, providing three meals a day and caring for frail and bedridden people. Bright and Green Solutions co-ordinators for Nedbank prepare vegetables with community members.

HTS (Higher Technical School) Windhoek – Plascon Wall Art at Sports Field

The HTS paint team.

The HTS paint team.

Plascon recently donated paint to uplift the sports grounds at the Higher Technical School (HTS) in Windhoek, Namibia. The precast wall surrounding the school’s rugby field had been looking faded and drab, so the school sports committee approached Plascon Namibia for paint to repaint the wall.

"Out with the old; in with the new..."

“Out with the old; in with the new…”

Plascon had donated paint to HTS previously, and were happy to get involved again. Enthusiastic school learners from the U15 rugby team volunteered to paint the wall themselves in their free time. The revamp took place under the watchful eye of Mrs Charmaine Gous, a member of the HTS School Board, who was responsible for getting the project going as part of a bid to improve the overall state of the school and its sports facilities.

Voila! The finished product - looking fresh!

Voila! The finished product – looking fresh!

Imbasa Primary School Project – Eastern Cape

Schools EC_01

The school project has started in the Eastern Cape at Imbasa Primary School in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. Feedback received from employees who have participated so far has been very positive. Carmel Rousseau stated “it was a really enjoyable experience and I would love to go again if I can”. Neville Amsterdam encourages other employees to participate and get involved as he said it was very enjoyable and he would also love the opportunity to go again if possible.

To date we have completed 4 classrooms and hope to do a substantial amount more next week.

Rubin Prinsloo and Kevin Warren have been at the school every day to give crash courses to employees on priming and painting! The project could not run without their assistance so we extend a very big thank you to Rubin and Kevin and to all the employees who have assisted so far.

Eastern Province Caterers who provide the Canteen service at the PE site have kindly offered to sponsor soup every day next week and to allocate one of their employees to assist with cleaning.

Schools EC_02

The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. – Leo Rosten

A Baboon called “Plascon”


N/a’an ku sê Foundation, founded in 2006, work with two aims in mind – to protect and conserve Namibia’s vulnerable wildlife and to improve the lives of the marginalised San Bushman community. The Foundation plays a pro-active role in nature conservation in Namibia.

The Foundation does not receive any government funding and is solely reliant on generous donations, ecotourism and the time of volunteers to continue the vital work to help the people and animals of Namibia. All profits from their activities go directly to benefit the work with wildlife conservation and the San Bushman community.

Cila Venter and Jo Clegg of N/a’an ku sê Foundation say: “Plascon products hold a special place in our hearts at the N/a’an ku sê Foundation, as we have an orphaned baboon by the name of Plascon in our senior baboon troop. He was caught in a warehouse about 6 years ago and was covered in paint, hence we named him Plascon as that was the first paint name that came to mind. He is now a healthy and well-adjusted baboon, mischievous and fun loving.”

Kansai Plascon Namibia donated 30 x 20L buckets used for feeding animals at the N/a’an ku sê Foundation.

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success. – Henry Ford

Midas Earthcote supports the Heideveld Community Youth Sports Day

Earthcoate_Heideveld - WeCare

Recently, Midas Earthcote was proud to sponsor a Youth Day sports event in Heideveld, Cape Town, that was organized by Vusela Construction. Vusela Construction took the initiative to give back to a community where work is currently being done on Community Residential Units (CRU), as well as to highlight benefits of the CRU projects in the area, such as employment creation.

The sports day comprised various soccer and netball matches, with local teams as well as CRU sub-contractors competing against one another. The day was made possible through various donations from a range of sub contractors, community members and organisations. Midas Earthcote provided the refreshments at the event.

All of the above was done to unite the people of Heideveld. There were various civic and company representatives present on the day, including: Heideveld Ward Councillor Anthony Moses, Craig Moorgas from the City of Cape Town Housing Directorate, Vusela Construction, Umnyama Paints, ABE Painting Contractors, Dynamic Flooring, Aurecon, and Midas Earthcote, which is part of Kansai Plascon.

Eco Initiative by Kansai Plascon Namibia

Co-operative Recycling Project in Namibia

Co-operative recycling project in Namibia

This proactive recycling project was initiated by Marco Du Toit, the Operations Manager for Kansai Plascon Namibia. The much-welcomed project is a co-operative partnership with a competent local recycling company.

The art of celebrating WWF’s Earth Hour, with Freddy Sam and Plascon

Mural by Freddy Sam (aka Ricky Lee Gordon). Photograph by Rowan Pybus.

Mural by Freddy Sam (aka Ricky Lee Gordon), Johannesburg. Photograph by Rowan Pybus.

To raise awareness for WWF’s Earth Hour (23 March 2013), the World Wide Fund for Nature in South Africa (WWF-SA) unveiled larger-than-life artworks in celebration of the world’s largest global mass action for environment.

Mural by Freddy Sam (aka Ricky Lee Gordon), Cape Town. Photograph by Rowan Pybus.

Mural by Freddy Sam (aka Ricky Lee Gordon), Cape Town. Photograph by Rowan Pybus.

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The New Hope Centre Mural in Manzini, Swaziland


The New Hope Centre mural in Manzini, Swaziland

Plascon supplied the paint for this uplifting mural of sunflowers at the New Hope Centre for terminally ill children, in Swaziland. The mural includes all the names of the children at the centre and also serves a wall of remembrance, as the names include those children that have passed away.

The New Hope Centre mural in Manzini, Swaziland

Lorenzo Nassimbeni Mural: High Level Road, Sea Point Cape Town

Lorenzo Nassimbeni Mural

The Lorenzo Nassimbeni Mural in High Level Road, Sea Point, Cape Town

Architect Lorenzo Nassimbeni was recently commissioned to design a mural sited at the retaining wall of Sea Point Primary school in High Level Road, Cape Town. The project was a challenging and exciting one in that besides the overall graphic design of the mural, Lorenzo had to consider the logistics of the implementation of the mural over a the length of the wall stretching 140 metres.

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Moshville House Project Commences

Moshupa youth group mobilises donors to build a house for homeless mother (The Voice, 16 March, 2013)

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Wheels4Wheels Puts New Spin on Money for Mobility

Wheels4Wheels Group pic

The Wheels4Wheels Headway Group

A project that was established early in 2012 to raise funds for the purchase of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment for underprivileged brain-damaged people, has come to fruition with the donation of five high-quality wheelchairs to Headway – the Head Injuries Association.

Named Wheels4Wheels, the project highlights the dire need for mobility equipment in a sector where the high costs of such equipment make it extremely difficult to obtain.

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We Care: Plascon paints positive change with the makeover of the
Chris Campbell Memorial Field Clubhouse

chris campbell memorial field

In collaboration with /A WORD OF ART, the CTC Ten Foundation (CTC10) and AMANDLA EduFootball, Plascon supported the makeover of the Chris Campbell Memorial Field (CCMF) clubhouse in Khayelitsha by donating 45 litres of paint for a mural covering the outside of the entire building painted by local artist and art activist Ricky-Lee Gordon (aka Freddy Sam).

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We Care: A Celebration of Street Art in the Maboneng Precinct

Exhibition of images from I ART JOBURG exhibition in the Maboneng Precinct

Exhibition of images from I ART JOBURG at AREA 3 (Photographer: Maciek Dubla)

A month ago, three international artists (Remed, Roa and Steve “Epso” Powers) and two local artists (Falko and Cameron Platter) were given the opportunity to take part in the I ART JOBURG project, a spin off from I ART WOODSTOCK and I ART SOWETO, which took place last year. The artists were given wall space (up to six metres of it) in the Maboneng Precinct to create their own brand of street art as a means to beautify and uplift the area. With paint supplied by Plascon, the artworks created have given a new dimension as well as a new sense of excitement to this up-and-coming suburb in Johannesburg.

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We Care: Plascon Namibia Paint Baby Haven Orphanage

Ernst & Young staff members

Carlin Fransman, Qwen van Wyk, Shareen Tjirera, Marcha Coetzee, Sunay Orren, Jan Strong, Mari Hitchcock, Thomas Kruger and Constatnt van Graan with the kids of Baby Haven.

The staff of Ernst & Young Namibia, as part of their CSR projects, painted the play ground equipment of Baby Haven (an orphanage and save haven for HIV infected kids in Khomasdal) on Saturday, 1 December 2012 which also falls on International HIV/AIDS day.

A sand box was also constructed underneath the play ground equipment where the kids can play with their spades and buckets. Presents were also handed to the kids filled with gifts sponsored by the Ernst & Young staff members.

A special thanks to Plascon Namibia who sponsored the paint for this project.

We Care (trend talk): Sally Partridge reads to Rock Girl students at
The Book Lounge in Cape Town

We Care - Plascon CSI Initiatives

Rock Girl Book Reading, at The Book Lounge Cape Town

Last Friday, the 8th of June, The Book Lounge invited grade 7 girls from Red River School to come and hear teen author, Sally Partridge, read from her latest book. As a result of the generosity of The Book Lounge and creative community who donated generously at trend talk #2 at the Freeworld Design Centre last month, each girl was able to choose a book to take home. For many this was the first book they have owned that is not a text book, so unquestionably a fairly momentous day in what will hopefully become, a lifelong affair with literature…

We Care - Plascon CSI InitiativesMandela Day with Marie Claire and GOLD

In celebration of Mandela Day, Marie Claire in partnership with GOLD will present a Pop-up University at the Plascon Freeworld Design Centre on July 18. Four well-known personalities will share their insights and inspirations with GOLD’s youth, with the aim is to inspire these peer leaders, who in turn will influence and inspire their peers.

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Durban Rickshaw Renovation Project gets a helping hand from Plascon

We Care - Plascon CSI Initiatives

William Sibaya, rickshaw-puller and recipient of “The Rickshaw Renovation Project”

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) has undertaken a new project – “The Rickshaw Renovation Project”.  This collaboration between staff, students and other stakeholders will renovate 25 carts as well as the outfits and head-dresses worn by the Rickshaw Pullers who operate along the ‘The Golden Mile’.  In 1902, 2170 Rickshaws crowded the streets of Durban.  In 2012, only 25 rickshaws are left in operation.

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We Care: Plascon Paint helps New Jerusalem Home shelter more children…

We Care - Plascon CSI Initiatives

PLASCON painted New Jerusalem Children’s Shelter, Photographer Mia Anfield

Earlier in May Plascon assisted with the construction of a new Eco-House at New Jerusalem Children’s Home in Johannesburg, through a donation of paint and products. This New Jerusalem home will serve as a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children around Gauteng.

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